How to Rank up Fast in Red Dead Online – Quick Leveling Tips, Level Up Fast

Online multiplayer has been implemented in the new Red Dead Redemption 2; it resembles the online interactions of the Grand Theft Auto Online but is more punishing. Unlike the Grand Theft Auto, leveling up is crucial for your survival in Red Dead Online and this is where our Red Dead Online Leveling Guide comes in.

Most of the weapons and accessories are locked for you at the very beginning of the game and you have to work your way up the ranks to get your hands on the more powerful weapons. Needless to say, better weapons are the key to lead you to the top of the leaderboard.

How to Rank up Fast in Red Dead Online

First off, if you have bought the Ultimate Edition of the game, then congratulations, you will rank up to Level 25 fast because of the Rank Bonuses you get with the Ultimate Edition.

By Level 25, you would have unlocked a ton of weapons and items; from there your grind will ease. If you are not fortunate enough to own the Ultimate Edition, do not be alarmed, as we have few tips for you that will make your journey to Level 25 and further a breeze.

The Story Mission

Story Missions are well designed and fun, especially with a squad. I would highly recommend trying these out first as it makes your grind a lot more amusing rather than a burden.

Story Missions are available to you from the get-go and a lot them are optional. There are about a dozen of them, completing all of them should give you enough to start with a decent gear.

Keep in mind, you get even more experience if you complete them with all their Golden Challenges. You can also replay them endlessly to earn additional XP, but they would not provide you with the same experience.

Side Missions

Red Dead Online features an open-world map, so can go out there and find yourself some creative ways to earn XP.

Side Missions are very handy, you can find them in the map as orange or red stranger marks and some of them might feature familiar characters from the campaign.

These Side Missions offer various errand, these could sometimes be as simple as delivering a mail, within the time limit or assassinating the mail boy.

There plenty of red or orange marks on the map, so you will not be running out of these missions any time soon.


Once you are done with the Story Mission, you might want to prepare yourself to put your skills to test. Competitive Multiplayer is the most optimal and the quickest way for earning the XP.

Once you have earned enough experience and mastered a couple of weapons, it is time for you to jump in some multiplayer action.

There are currently six different Multiplayer Modes in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, each of which offers a unique experience.

Hostile Territory mode sees two teams of players capturing areas of the map and defending them against the opposing teams.

Make It Count is the game’s Battle Royale mode, where up to 32 players fight against one another with a limited weapon selection and a progressively shrinking player area, your PUBG experience might come in handy here.

Most Wanted puts bounties on the head of players, with the one at the top of the leaderboard being the most wanted player with the highest bounty. Name Your Weapon mode gives points depending on the weapon used to make the kill.

Shootout mode is a one versus all shootout mode where the player with the highest kill count wins, and Team Shootout mode is a team-based variation of the mode.