PlayStation Plus Free Games Are Coming In December Including Soma, Onrush And More

Sony has revealed the full line-up of their free games for PlayStation Plus which are coming in December. Well, the PlayStation Plus subscribers are only a few days away from getting their hands on the free games. These games include an atmospheric horror game, a vehicular combat action-racer game, and more.

However, the December free games are not measured up to the previous November games, but those who will get a chance trying these free games will be glad they did so.

The upcoming PlayStation Plus free games include:

  1. Soma (PS4)
  2. Onrush (PS4)
  3. Steredenn (PS3)
  4. Steinsgate (PS3)
  5. Iconoclasts (PS Vita, Cross-Buy with PS4)
  6. Papers, Please (PS Vita)

For PlayStation 4 the subscribers will get Soma, a science fiction survival horror game created by Amnesia studio Fictional Games. It is an unsettling story about the identity, consciousness, and what it means to be a human. In searching for and going through locked terminals and secret documents to uncover the truth beneath the ocean. It combines monsters and crude machines to create a departure from the developer’s previous work.

Another free game for PlayStation 4 is Onrush, a high-octane racing game focusing on crashing and ramming your way through the mountain or other cars as you are heading towards the finish line. This game is featuring an action-packed and full of unlockable customization options.

This package also delivers some great games for PlayStation 3, fans can play Steredenn: a space-themed bullet hell shooter game, and Steins Gate: an excellent visual novel based game setting on the consequences of time traveling.

And finally for the PS Vita users, they can get Papers, Please; Iconoclasts and a 2D political adventure game while the latter is a game of gut-wrenching decisions, none of which are necessarily right. These can be picked up on PSN
anytime starting on December 4 till January 11, 2019.