New Black Ops 4 Update Brings Safeguard Mode And Nighttime Maps

Treyarch has released a brand new update for Black Ops 4. The patch notes for this Black Ops 4 update reveal a lot of new features, playlists, and nighttime maps.

This new Black Ops 4 update is a serverside update so you won’t have to download anything. The biggest addition with this new Black Ops 4 update is the Safeguard playlist.

Safeguard is a very popular mode and it was previously present in Black Ops 3. This new Safeguard mode in Black Ops 4 is like capture the flag but there’s a robot instead. Safeguard mode includes two teams which will have to escort their robot into the enemy’s territory.

In the other round, you will have to do the opposite by stopping the robot from reaching your location. Safeguard in Black Ops 4 is a very interesting mode and requires teamwork so get your squad together today.

This new update in Black Ops 4 also brings a lot of new playlists to the game for you to enjoy. New Black Ops 4 playlists coming with this new patch are Hardcore Nuketown, Mercenary Objective Moshpit, and Chaos Hardpoint.

Now that doesn’t end there. This new update in Black Ops 4 brings some nighttime map versions to the game for the first time. Seaside Sunset is the new version of the Seaside map in the game. This Seaside Sunset comes with plenty of rain. The other alternate version is for the Firing Range map called Firing Range Night.

These new alternate maps in the game are free for everyone and for unlimited time. Though these versions of the maps are not yet available in custom games.

As for the Blackout mode, Treyarch has added Bowie Knife which allows “stealthy 1-hit kills”.

Other than that, this new update also brings a lot of stability improvements and crash fixes. You can check out the full Black Ops 4 patch notes below.

Black Ops 4 November 27 Update Patch Notes



  • Safeguard playlist (PS4).
  • Seaside Sunset and Firing Range Night MP maps.
  • Hardcore Nuketown, Chaos Hardpoint, and Mercenary Objective Moshpit playlists.
  • Exploit/bug fixes for Nuketown and Summit.


  • Zombies Origins Character Missions (PS4).
  • Blightfather Event with lower health in Solos and Duos (PS4).
  • Bowie Knife now available on all platforms.


  • Stability fixes across all maps.


  • Specialist HQ and After Action Report improvements.



  • Featured Playlist changed to Safeguard (PS4) / Hardcore Mercenary Moshpit (Xbox One and PC).
  • Hardcore Nuketown added to Featured category.
  • Chaos Hardpoint added to Featured category.
  1. Hardpoints spawn in a random order
  2. Score increases with each teammate on the Hardpoint
  3. Score limit increased to 1000
  4. 6v6
  • Mercenary Objective Moshpit added to Featured category.
  1. Domination, Hardpoint, Control, Search & Destroy, Heist
  2. No parties allowed
  3. 5v5


  • Added Seaside Sunset and Firing Range Night to all playlists.
  • Closed exploits in Nuketown that allowed Ruin to grapple outside of the map.
  • Resolved an issue where the scoreboard would flash on screen after ending a game on Nuketown.
  • Resolved an issue on Summit that allowed Care Packages deployed on a ramp in the eastern part of the map to float.


  • Resolved an issue that removed an attachment from weapons with maximum attachments and a Clan Tag or Kill Counter equipped.


  • Tactical Mask Challenge now properly tracks kills while an enemy Counter UAV is active.



  • Bowie Knife now available in Equipment Stashes, as a random drop from killing Zombies, and as a randomized item spawn in Zombies-themed locations on all platforms.

Character Missions

  • Zombies Origins Character Missions (Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, Richtofen) now available to find and complete (PS4).


  • Blightfather event enabled in all playlists (PS4).
  • Reduced the health of the Blightfather in Solo and Duo playlists.

Zombies Gameplay


  • Resolved an issue where sliding under a Blade Trap without taking damage would not contribute to another player’s challenge.



  • Fixed a crash that could occur occasionally when using Anywhere But Here.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when a player disconnected while another player was downed.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when a player disconnected during Fast Travel.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when killing enemies with traps in IX.
  • Fixed additional crashes related to a player helping another with challenges in IX.


  • Specialist Headquarters
  • Improved Torque tutorial mission scripting.

After Action Report

  • After Action Report in Multiplayer and Blackout will now display all earned Tier Rewards and allow the player to scroll through the Tier Rewards menu.

Black Ops 4 is now available to play on Xbox One, PC and PS4. Treyarch is working really hard to deliver the best and smooth experience possible by fixing issues and bringing new content to the game.