Darksiders 3 Pride Boss Guide – Attacks, How to Defeat, Tips

You will not know the true capability of Fury until you take her into a battle with the bosses themselves. Since these can be particularly tricky to fight thanks to their different attack patterns, we have put together a guide to deal with them. Our Darksiders 3 Sloth Boss Guide discusses what makes for an effective strategy against Pride.

Darksiders 3 Pride Boss

To get to Pride, you will first need to find the portal located outside the church in South End, Haven.

Entering via the portal, you will arrive in Aries to face the penultimate boss, Pride before you move onto Envy and mark the end of the seven deadly sins. Pride is a warrior with her tactical movement and sword skills. Moreover, she has good defenses thanks to her protective shield.

The fight will start with this shield, so you will need to focus damage on it first. Soon after you will face the full force of Pride and her statue companion in an intense battle.

Let us analyze her different offensive moves and how to dodge them, all the while striving for your goal to defeat Pride.

Protective Shield

As you head into the fight, Pride will initiate a circular shield around herself. To cause any damage to her, you will first need to break through the shield.

This can be done by charging up the Hollow Attack: Mallet of Scorn or Edge of Scorn and use it in conjunction with the Arcane Counter.

Once the shield is down, move in closer to perform an Executioner combo or Mallet of Scorn attack for maximum damage.

Leaping Slash

During this move, Pride rushes forward and spins around, performing a horizontal strike that runs from left to right diagonally. You will need to dodge left at this instance so to get behind her and evade the attack completely.

Spinning Combo

This attack comprises of two parts. During the first one, she will spin around slashing her swords in a circular arch. Since the hitbox for the move covers a wide area, the only safe option is to sprint or dodge backward.

After completing her spinning movement, she will perform an overhead strike that can be dodge by evading sideways.

Arcane Orbs

When Pride’s sword starts glowing blue, know that you will have some homing projectiles heading your way. Keep hopping away from these orbs while dodging back to avoid any of Pride’s attacks.

A more effective strategy would be to activate Fury’s Stasis Shield for becoming invulnerable to the arcane orbs.

Statue Energy Beam

When the boss drops down to 60% of her health, she will summon a statue that sends out a two-direction energy beam (from the front and back of the statue’s head), both in a straight line.

Although it will not do crazy damage on its own, it can stagger Fury and cause her to stumble for follow-up attacks from Pride. The beam is best avoided by using either the Storm Glide or Flame Jump moves.


Towards the end of the fight, Pride will take to the skies as she carries out a gesture with her sword before diving full-speed towards Fury. It deals an immense amount of damage if not dodged.

Otherwise, a successful evasion will allow Fury to perform an Arcane Counter as the punish.

There you have it! All the ways to deal with the many tools that Pride carries in her tool-set. Defeat her to ready yourself for one last boss, Envy, who holds a terrifying surprise for you.