Darksiders 3 Lust Boss Guide – Attacks, How to Defeat, Tips

You will not know the true capability of Fury until you take her into a battle with the bosses themselves. Since these can be particularly tricky to fight thanks to their different attack patterns, we have put together a guide to deal with them. Our Darksiders 3 Sloth Boss Guide discusses what makes for an effective strategy against Lust.

Darksiders 3 Lust Boss

Lust can be found in the cargo ship stranded at the Mangled Freeway in Bonelands. The boss is a nimble foe with quick sword moves and melee attacks that will often at times catch Fury off-guard.

Before the battle, it is advisable to apply enhancements to the weapons so that you will deal good damage and at the same time, boost strong defenses against Lust. Some good examples include Juggernaut and Fortifier. Consuming the Fortification shard is also advisable.

Since you will need to dodge attacks with precise timing as well, Obscuris Enhancement will come in handy. You will often notice how most of your attacks will be blocked as Pride holds her sword down.

Without further ado, let us analyze her different offensive moves and how to dodge them, all the while striving for your goal to defeat Lust.

Backhand Spin Slash

While spinning towards Fury, Lust will hold the sword in her backhand and perform a slash move by swinging the sword outwards. Dodge accordingly!

Dashing Jump Slash

Lust jumps high in the air and then dashes forward with a dire purpose to cut through Fury in her path. Dodge sideways to get out of harm’s way.

Flipping Slash

This is an overhead move that will see Lust perform a slash attack with her sword just as he passes over Fury’s head.

Charged Slash

Since this a charged move and a bit slow to come out, it can be predicted so you can dodge it without much effort or thinking.

Uriel’s Bell

When Lust’s HP drops down to 50%, Uriel will join the fight with his gigantic bell to go against Fury. The bell deals an enormous amount of damage and has a good pushback effect.

However, Uriel is sluggish and so you will not be facing Uriel and Lust together per se. You can also activate the Havoc Form to become invulnerable to Uriel’s attack so you can focus purely on Lust.

All these attacks can be dodged, whether it would be backward or sideways. Additionally, all the dodged attacks will create a window of opportunities for Fury to attack, albeit some windows will be narrower than another will.

Some good moves to punish Lust are Arcane Counter and Volcanic Charge.

The charged Salvation attacks also work like a charm, while the Immolation attacks will ensure that the burn status is inflicted on Lust so she loses health over time little by little.

Consuming a Frenzy Shard late into the fight will put you a step ahead. Now you can use Chains of Scorn in conjunction with Ember Flurry to land some good combos and damaging hits on Lust.

It should be noted that if you manage to avoid killing Uriel and only eliminate Lust, you could return to Uriel after the fight to be awarded the Fafnir Enhancement.