Video Game Voicechat Arrest Made After Player Hears Opponent Raping A Teenager

Playing video games while an opponent has something else noisy going on in the background is a well-known nuisance among players, however a video game voicechat arrest has been made after one of these, rather than a crying baby or barking dog, was instead involving a teenager being raped.

An 18 year old named Daniel Enrique Fabian was arrested in Florida for the rape of said 15-year-old teenager, alongside another charge for another rape of a second teenager back in June. While playing Grand Theft Auto 5 multiplayer, Fabian apparently became angry and told his opponent that he was going to go “smash a girl” at his house. He then stopped playing for roughly 15 minutes, but left his microphone on.

While most players who play with a microphone on normally hear a barking dog, crying baby, or something else that demands attention but the person on that end of the microphone is not paying attention to, instead Fabian’s opponent heard a girl’s voice saying “No” over the microphone. The opponent reported the crime to police, while the girl would later tell detectives that Fabian placed his hand over her mouth and threw her onto his bed before raping her.

The video game voicechat arrest’s charges of rape and sexual assault were supported by post-incident findings, and Fabian has since been arrested. While he likely hasn’t gone to trial yet, it’s still a good thing that his opponent was able to hear everything happening and knew Fabian to that degree.

So in general, incidents where people leave their microphones on while they do other stuff aren’t all bad. While this incident may provide a lesson to rapists to not leave their microphones on if they decide to game before raping a woman, it’s still a satisfying feeling that this happened and another rapist is off the streets.