Darksiders 3 Upgrade Materials Guide – Upgrading Scorn and Enhancements

Our Darksiders 3 Upgrade Materials Guide details all the crafting materials that you will need in order to upgrade Scorn. Although Fury has brought her deadly whip with her that might not be enough to carry her through this expedition.

As the story progress, enemies become tougher and more unpredictable, so you might want to consider upgrading your weapon’s arsenal in order to deal with the menace that awaits.

Darksiders 3 Upgrade Materials

Upgrading weapons is straightforward; it resembles Dark Souls’ upgrade system. Players are required to collect the required crafting material that is essentially adamantine, a raw material that is found throughout the world of Darksiders 3.

Adamantine comes in various sizes, from Slivers and Fragments to Pieces and Chunks, each time you upgrade, a larger piece will be required.

Adamantine can either be acquired through scavenging the world or it could be bought from Vulgrim, either way, in order to upgrade your weaponry, you must first travel to Havel, where you will find Ulthane, the Maker blacksmith, who resides in a tree.

Ulthane will upgrade your weapons in exchange for souls, so it’s advised that rather than purchasing adamantine metal from Vulgrim, it’s much wiser to obtain it from the world, that way you may save up enough to pay for your upgrades to Ulthane, after all, upgrading weapon isn’t cheap, especially in a post-apocalyptic world where you have access to a single blacksmith, hence you are better off spending your hard earned souls upgrading the weapon rather than buying raw materials for it.

Upon engaging in a dialog with Ulthane, select upgrade weapon. The box on the right will tell you how much Adamantine is required for leveling up each weapon. Choose the weapon you want to upgrade, then press and hold the Upgrade button to level up the weapon.

Enhancement Upgrade

While several components of Weapon crafting in Darksiders 3 are clearly borrowed from Dark Souls, the Enhancement system is actually carried over from the original game.

New to Darksiders 3, however, is the ability to upgrade enhancements.

Similar to upgrading a weapon, Enhancements can be upgraded at Ulthane’s workshop, but unlike the weapon’s upgrade, it does not require adamantine.

Instead, you are required to search for three types of relics, Demonic Artifacts, Angelic Artifacts, and Essence of Chosen.

Both the Artifacts can be obtained from various parts of the map, while the Essence of Chosen can only be earned by defeating Chosen enemies hidden throughout the map.

Enhancement upgrades are a bit more complex than weapon upgrades. Each enhancement starts out Unfocused that means it is essentially neutral in its upgrade path.

Enhancements can be upgraded along either an Angelic path or Demonic path, each of which offers separate benefits.

In order to max the best possible enhancement of any given type, you will need to find the relics, a handful of Angelic and Demonic Artifacts, and finally an Essence of Chosen to unlock each upgrade fully.

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