Darksiders 3 Humans Locations Guide – How to Rescue

Darksiders 3 Humans Locations Guide will help you find all of the humans scattered about in the game’s world. Finding humans is important in Darksiders III if you are an Achievement/Trophy hunter. Not only that, finding all of them will grant you some useful Passive Abilities.

Darksiders 3 Humans Locations

During the course of Fury’s adventure, Ulthane will ask her to rescue any humans she finds and bring them to Maker’s Forge. He will also grant Fury the “Rider’s Mercy” Artifact.

The main purpose of this Artifact is to teleport any human that Fury finds. These humans are scattered about Darksiders III’s world and that is where our guide comes in.

Out Darksiders III Humans Locations Guide will help you with all of the humans so that you can just go and rescue them.

Rescuing humans in Darksiders 3 will also earn you the “Helping Hand” Achievement/Trophy, all you have to do is just rescue one human and the Achievement/Trophy is yours.

Not only that, every five humans you find/rescue, you will earn an Achievement/Trophy and a passive ability:

  • 1 Human: Helping Hand Achievement
  • 5 Humans: +10% Souls drop from enemies and Five’s a Crowd Achievement
  • 10 Humans: +20% Wrath gained from Wrath Lurchers and Crowd Source Achievement
  • 15 Humans: +30% Health and Community Outreach Achievement
  • 20 Humans: +10% Physical and Arcane Damage and Humanitarian Achievement


Our quest for humans rescue will start from Haven since it is the starting location in DS3.

Human #1
The first one is very easy. Make your way from Haven: Crossroads towards Nether and you will find the human along the way.

Human #2
For this human, you need to have Fire Hollow. Get that and go to the Maker’s Forge and above the Forge is a holed-out building. The human is at the top of the building.

Human #3
You need the Thunder Hollow for this one. Get to the Maker’s Forge and take the tornado located on the path in front of the Forge. Keep following the route until you get to glide between two buildings. This is where you will find the human.

Human #4
Get to Vulgrim in Haven: North End and go south from there. Jump into the pit and then into the crawlspace. That is where you will find the human.

Human #5
This human is near the Vulgrim at North End. Go past Vulgrim on the main road behind the Purple Wall. The human is located there.

Human #6
Get to the Haven: Crossroads and go to the back wall of the area. There will be an Ogre and up behind him will be a Force Wall. Smash it to rescue the human.


Our search for humans takes us to Nether where we will search for them and rescue them. The following are the Humans Rescue Locations in the region of Nether.

Human #7
The first time you use the Beetle and red-goo combination to burn the web; kill the red-eyed enemy behind you. There will be a hole behind him in which you can crawl. Go through there and the human is yours to rescue.

Human #8
Get to Vulgrim in Cistern and go up the stairs to find the humans.

Human #9
After you have encountered Wrath, go to Tangled Grotto and there will be a slanted train. You will find a crawlspace up the slanted train. The human is through there.

Human #10
You need to have the Force Hollow for this one. Go to Tangled Grotto and smash the Force wall up the stairs. Follow the path by Fire Jump-ing to the right.

Head into the crawlspace that will take you to the upper level. Keep going up, don’t fall, and you will find the human.

Human #11
This one the near “Human #10”. When you get to the second floor of the Tangled Grotto, there will be a path to the right that you can jump down to. Follow this path and you will find the human.


The search for the humans continues in the region of Bonelands. The following are the Human Rescue Locations and you just need to go there and rescue them.

Human #12
Once you clear the warehouse with a beetle and purple goo, jump over the shipping crates on the left.

Human #13
Past the Drowned District there is a warehouse. Once you burn down the grapple points, look to the right for another one and jump to it. Burn the web in the opening and rescue the human.

Human #14
Past the Mangled Freeway on the main path, you will find the next one.

Human #15
Get to the Flooded Generator room and to the point where you force Gluttony to retreat. Glide across the acid river using Thunder Hollow.

Once at the Flooded Generator room, go to the upper level and follow the path. There will be a Mansk that you can use to reach the upper entrance. The human is there.


The search for the humans has taken us into the region of Depths in Darksiders III. The following are the Humans Rescue Locations in Depths.

Human #16
There will be a purple pillar puzzle near Vulgrim in Eroded Pipeline. Get to the pillars and jump over the wall and you will find the human.

Human #17
For this, you require Stasis Hollow. Once you have it, get to Vulgrim at Sunken Tracks and use the Stasis Wall nearby. Turn around to see Hookshots, swing across, and use the Magnetic Wall. After that, to get to the other side and enter the doorway.

Human #18
Get to Sewage Egris and go up the Stasis wall near the area *where you fight Gluttony*.


The search continues in the region of Scar. There are a total of 2 humans located in the regions and the following are the remaining Human Rescue Locations.

Human #19
Past the Vulgeim in Drilling Annex spin the tower and jump two sets of Stasis Walls and the human is yours for the rescue.

Human #20
Once you have ridden the second moving platform, you will come across some ranged enemies. Freeze the two spiked rollers and rescue the human underneath.