Local Domestic Violance Call Turns Out To Be Angry Parents Playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Now, first of all, we can all relax for two reasons. One, this wasn’t a swatting and therefore had no malicious intent. Secondly, nobody was hurt thankfully, and the situation was resolved peacefully, but what happened?

The incident took place in the city of Deland when a neighbor to the family in question phoned the police. They described what they thought was a domestic dispute going on in the family’s home.

The Caller reported hearing what sounded like gunfire as well as a couple arguing. Specifically saying things like “Don’t shoot me!’ or “Give me the gun!”

Fortunately, it wasn’t a domestic dispute. In fact, quite the opposite. The McKee family was playing Call of Duty together. Specifically, a couple and their daughter. The remarks and shouts were responses to what was happening in the game.

In a time where police raids on gamers are such a common thing by now, it’s really relieving when a story like this with no bad ending shows up in the news feed.

It’s come to a point where police responses are no longer just a way to troll people. Seeing as how it’s led to the death of the victim involved.

The situation was easily defused this time by Mrs. McKee who was able to explain exactly what was going on to the responding officer.

The family also made a very important note after the incident to keep their windows closed during gaming sessions. Definitely a smart choice.

Source: Fox News