Here’s How You Can Get Your Fortnite Account Accidentally Banned

Fortnite is a global phenomenon and every day we get to hear something new about it. Recently a parent got his sons Fortnite account accidentally banned and now he has shared in detail exactly how.

Fortnite has just received a brand new update. It’s one of the most played games by kids these days. Fortnite Battle Royale consists of many in-game cosmetics transactions which your kids can opt to. This story is for anyone who has a kid as it can all turn out to be a nightmare.

This Fortnite account ban story was shared by a ResetEra user named BadHand. Actually, he made an Epic account for his son but with a wrong email address. To correct it, he tried to contact Epic Games but it turned out to be worse.

The parent shared that he was asked to update something and it led him to verify email of his Epic Games account. He tried to do it but he was never receiving an email.

He checked and found out that he typed in the wrong email address to register his Fortnite account. The email had a small typo in it.

Afterward, he tried to change the email but it’s not possible until you are verified. So he went on to unlink his PSN account from Epic Games which turned out to be also not possible until you are verified.

He then tried to signup with that typo’d email address on Gmail but it was already taken. Now the last thing for him was to contact Epic Game’s support team. He submitted a ticket and asked them to change the email address.

He provided lots of verification along with his IP addresses, billing information and account creation dates. He got a replay but it said: “changing the registered email address is not supported at this time”.

He was very disappointed so he just requested them to unlink the PSN account. But then he didn’t get any reply.

After getting tired, he tried to log in back with the same Epic account and he got an error saying that his account is now inactive. He was then completely hopeless as he couldn’t even link it to any other account.

His son wasn’t able to play Fortnite on PS4 anymore as PS4 gave a caution that the account is inactive and the login has failed. Epic Games lastly responded to him by saying that it was all impossible to do due to the security concerns.

Now, this all resulted in his account being banned and his son couldn’t play anymore. He also had no option else than to create a new Epic account and as well as PSN account. Doing this results in all of progress and purchases being lost. His son is pretty devasted, he wrote.

Well, the good news is that the parent has managed to get the account back active. He reached out to MP1ST to share his tragic story.

Though he still can’t change the email address and we still advise him to create a new account as it can turn out to be a bigger problem in the future.

It’s pretty clear that this problem was a result of a human error so please make sure to type correct details.

In other news, new Fortnite update has arrived and it brings the Epic and Legendary Pump Shotguns.

Fortnite update 6.31 is now available on Xbox One, PS4, PC and mobile devices. These new Pump shotguns deal a lot of damage. The new Pump Shotgun variants can be found from the floor, chests and Vending Machines.