Pokemon Let’s Go Playable On PC With Yuzu Emulator

Pokemon Let’s Go is a Nintendo Switch exclusive title. However, you can play Pokemon Let’s Go on PC with the help on the Yuzu Emulator. However, in its current state, you won’t enjoy the game.

Yuzu Emulator is a Nintendo Switch emulator that can play select Switch games on PC. Pokemon Let’s Go is the latest addition to the list of Nintendo Switch games playable on PC with the help of Yuzu.

However, the Pokemon Let’s Go running on the PC isn’t the smoothest experience. The game suffers from distorted music and sound effects, text not loading despite the game running on a powerful system.

But interestingly, Emulator devs were able to make the game run in just a week so with a little more time, Pokemon Let’s Go PC will become a smooth experience.

Nintendo Switch games are no strangers to emulators. In fact, Legend Of Zelda Breath of the Wild is playable on PC with CEMU.

Not only that, you can also play Breath of the Wild at 4K with a reasonable FPS. This indicates that emulators have come very far trying to bring console exclusives to PC.

Also, Yuzu Emulator isn’t the only console emulator out there. Xenia is another emulator that emulates Xbox 360 games on PC. Initially, Halo 3 was unplayable while emulated.

However, with the devs bringing improvements to Xenia emulator, Halo 3 is now playable on PC. However, in its current state, the game still constantly drops below 20 FPS.

But, this is a huge improvement over the previous version of Xenia. Previously, the game was impossible to be played on the emulator due to extreme visual glitches.

Another emulator out there is the RPCS3 Emulator which is a PlayStation 3 emulator. Interestingly, this emulator is more capable of running PS3 games at a stable FPS. Games like The Last Of Us, Uncharted 3, Resistance and more are playable on PC with RPCS3 Emulator.

Furthermore, once creative enthusiasts used the RPCS3 Emulator to play Ni No Kuni on PS4. Now given that the emulator is for the PC, it is interesting to see how the user managed to use it on PlayStation 4.

The modder was actually running Linux on the PlayStation 4. He then used the Linux to run the RPCS3 Emulator to run Ni No Kuni. For those wondering why use an emulator on the console? The reason is that Ni No Kuni is a PlayStation 3 exclusive that never made it to the PS4.

Not only that, RPCS3 Emulator is also capable of running some PS3 exclusives at 4K on PC. These PS3 exclusives include Armored Core V, Clash of the Titans, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, and Demon Souls.

Pokemon Let’s Go is an RPG developed by Game Freak. The game is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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