Farming Simulator 19 Money Farming Guide

Hey farmer, you can stop thinking about that dream field of crops and barn full of animals without the capital involved. Having trouble getting a constant source of cash? Well, look no further than our Farming Simulator 19 Money Farming Guide that will detail multiple methods of obtaining money in FS19.

Farming Simulator 19 Money Farming

Get rich quick with this cheat (or is it?). Follow the instructions below to earn 10 Million just by tweaking things a little:

  • After starting your game, save it, close the game and then head to the directory “farmingsimulator2019/savegame1”.
  • Look for the “farms.xml” file and open it with the “Notepad” application.
  • Press Ctrl + F and type “money=1000.000”. In place of this, replace the numerical value to “10000000000” i.e. 10 million.
  • Save the changes in this file and then proceed to start your game again. You will be pleasantly surprised to check your balance.

There is a legitimate way as well and it involves a lot of work in the Forestry Department.

You will need a logging truck or timber lorry, that might cost you a little of your fortune, but make no mistake, this will be your tool of making some decent amount of dough.

Your area of operation will primarily be in Felsbrunn. Here, you need to chop down and collect all pieces of logs from trees you can find in the dense forest. As long as you can keep bringing back the logs, you will be living everyday as payday!

Although the above method can get a bit tedious and extremely boring after a while, it is still legit. Otherwise, you always have the option of cheating your way to millions as described above.

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