Are Players Already Playing Red Dead Online? Achievements Already Show Progress

The highly anticipated Red Dead Online is set to have its beta come out either this month or early in the next. The add-on is a multiplayer attachment to Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. Though it isn’t out just yet, images have surfaced of newly locked achievements appearing on the PlayStation network.

The 0.01% gamers do mean that somebody has unlocked the achievement. Which is only doable by playing the game mode. Are these early testers? Or did Rockstar release it under our noses.

When does Red Dead Online come out? The beta was supposedly this month. The testing intending to pave the way for the full release of the game mode hopefully in the same year.

If going by what GTA did, the online mode for Red Dead Redemption 2 would supposedly release a couple of months after the main game. Giving players more than enough time to have their fill with the single player aspect.

The progression for the beta of Red Dead Online was also set to be transferred over onto the full release of the game mode. Although the original Red Dead Redemption did have multiplayer. It wasn’t quite on the scale that RDR2 Online intends to be.

The support for Red Dead Online will also most likely be the center of Rockstar’s attention for many years to come. Seeing as how GTA Online is still going strong around 4 years after its release.

The single player variant of the Rockstar cowboy adventure alone is set to keep players busy for a very long time. The hunting, looting, bounties, camping and main story itself are what, 60 hours long? Plus 10 hours of a prologue. And this is all without any added DLC, which may or may not arrive.

Will the hype and enjoyment of the single-player story carry on into Red Dead Online? We can only hope so. It’d be fun to do most of the activities of RDR 2 but with a compadre or even a posse. To hell with Dutch’s plan, we’ll make our own damn gang.

Here’s all we know about Red Dead Online so far, as well as some of what we’d like to see Rockstar add in. A big wishlist but a very relevant one.

Lastly of course, anyone that has any doubts over Red Dead Online. Just take Dutch’s advice and have some goddamn faith!