Where is XUR This Week: All Weapons Armor, and Much More

The exotic merchant known as XUR Agent of the Nine is now finally available in Destiny 2 and today we are going to tell you exactly where is Xur. Now for where is Xur, the Agent of the Nine can be found in the European Dead Zone.

XUR Agent of the Nine is now available in Destiny 2 offering new weapons till 9 am PDT-12 pm EDT-5pm BST on Tuesday of November 27.

Now for where is Xur, he’s located at the Winding Cove landing zone and to the north in Desinty 2. XUR Agent of the Nine in Destiny 2 is located on a small hilltop next to a group of fallen. You can reach him by going through the tunnel of the ground path.

Now as we now know where Xur is, Let’s talk about the weapons he brings to Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Xur Weapons Inventory – November 23-27

  • Weapon: Suros Regime
  • Hunter armor: Wormhusk Crown
  • Warlock armor: Karnstein Armlets
  • Titan armor: Armamentarium

All of these items are all about keeping your health increased. These new weapons in Destiny 2 are not very easy to use right off the bat so it’s going to take you some time to do.

Now once XUR Agent of the Nine leaves, Destiny 2 is going to get three new Pinnacle weapons. These new weapons will be a part of the game’s reset next week. These are a part of Destiny 2 season of the Forge.

These weapons can be earned as each of them is linked to an activity. These in-game activities include Vanguard Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible.

These upcoming new weapons are Loaded Question, Breakneck, and The Mountaintop. The Loaded Question is a very high-impact fusion rifle. Breakneck is an Auto-rifle with good precision and Kinetic damage. The last one, Mountaintop is a grenade launcher.

You can earn Loaded Question from Vanguard Strikes. Breakneck can be earned from Gambit and Mountaintop from the Crucible.

To get Breakneck, you’ll have to pick up a quest from Drifter, You’ll have to complete objectives as follows.

  1. 500 Auto Rifle Kills
  2. 100 Auto Rifle multi kills
  3. 150 challenging enemies defeated
  4. 40 Gambit matches completed

Once done, go back to the drifter to receive “fully Masterworked Breakneck”.

You can go to the link here to know everything that you will need to get those other new weapons in the game.

Now rumors tell us that along with these new weapons, we will also get the Black armory with a reveal or an announcement. This new expansion in Destiny 2 is set to bring a lot of gear with rarity. This new gear rarity is Black Rarity Gear.

Not only that, but this expansion will also bring fan-favorite exotics from the original Destiny game. These fan-favorite exotics are The Last Word, Thunderlord, and Icebreaker.

Destiny 2 Forsaken has brought back a lot of players who left the game. Destiny 2 was having a very hard time keeping up players interested in the game. It’s also the reason that Destiny 2 was given for free on PS Plus to PS4 users.

Despite all that increased numbers of players recently and increased sales, Activision is not very happy.