Someone in Xbox Community Has Hit 2 Million Gamerscore

The game score gives you plenty of bragging rights in the gaming community, especially if you are part of the Xbox community. Some people are pretty casual about the game score but there are others that take it very seriously. Gamers like Stallion83, who are trophy hunters, aim to get the most out of each and every game that they play.

Stallion83 got to one million Xbox game score 4 years back and he has doubled that since then. He now has managed to reach an Xbox game score of two million. Which is a very big number indeed and will get him some serious bragging rights in the Xbox gaming community. For now, this is the Xbox world record for the highest game score.

Stallion83 got 2 achievements from completed the final mission of Halo 2 called “The Great Journey.” This got him the “30G – Legendary Anniversary” achievement as well as the “50G – Legend” achievement. Stallion83 tweeted the following soon after setting the Xbox world record:

All the love I received today was absolutely incredible. Never in my wildest dreams. I love you guys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This was a major moment in gaming history and even the official Halo Twitter accounted asked people to check out the live stream in which Stallion83 set this new Xbox world record. When Stallion83 hit the one million mark, he was given free lifetime gold membership by Microsoft.

Now that he has hit the two million mark it is possible that Microsoft will also give him some GamePass love. This is something that the fans are looking forward to and I think that would be a major reward for all the hard work that he has put in over the years.

We will let you know what Stallion83 get for his two million Xbox game score, so stay tuned.