Twitter Will Ban You for Mentioning Killing Sean Bean in Hitman 2

Hitman 2 has finally arrived and you are now allowed to take down Sean Bean but talking about it openly on Twitter can get you banned so be careful.

Hitman 2 is all about killing people in the game in different ways and many of them are elusive targets. Hitman 2 right now features a new elusive target, Sean Bean. This elusive target is available for a limited time only.

He’s someone you might know from Troy, Jupiter, Jupiter Ascending, Game of Thrones.

Players are more than excited about killing Sean Bean and so many took it to Twitter to talk about how they are going to kill this elusive target in Hitman 2. Recently, a user Tweeted saying that he plans to kill Sean Bean tonight and he got banned from Twitter for doing it.

He got permanently banned, he has tried to contact the Twitter support team to explain that he was talking about an in-game character. But sadly, the Twitter team has not responded to any of his requests as of yet.

This is now more than just a confirmation that Tweeting about killing Sean Bean can get you banned on Twitter so be careful. Twitter has a policy in place that deals with people making death threats to someone. But the policy needs to take into account such situations.

In other news, if you are a trophy hunter we have some bad news for you as Hitman 2 once again doesn’t have a platinum trophy inside. Other than that, Hitman 2 consists of 118 interesting trophies in total which you earn by taking down enemies in different ways.

In other news, it’s rumored that the developer behind Hitman 2 i-e IO Interactive is now being considered by Microsoft to be purchased. Microsoft has been on a hunt recently to purchase big studios to overcome the lack of first-party titles for their upcoming next-gen console that is Xbox Scarlet.

Hitman 2 sales have been not that much good so opting to join Microsoft seems to be a good idea for the company and also the employees who have worked really hard to make this game even after Square Enix walked out on them.

Hitman 2 is almost a kind of miracle as revealed by the associate director. IO Interactive was working on Hitman 2 from a very long time before Square Enix walked out leaving them in a very weird place.

We had to let a lot of people go. But that made the team that was left really come together (and say) ‘Let’s do this, we believe in the product’. We were already working on Hitman 2 and then this thing happened.

Also if you are interested, you can check out the official reveal trailer of Sean Bean in Hitman 2 here.

Hitman 2 is now available to play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.