Pokemon Let’s Go Japanese Sales Sell Over 650,000 Copies In Three Days

Even when the game isn’t quite meant for most Pokemon players, the franchise still manages to make bank. According to numbers from Famitsu, Pokemon Let’s Go Japanese sales have totaled around 664,198 copies over the course of three days, and that’s just physical copies, and Japanese physical copies at that.

It doesn’t take into account how the game has sold, both digitally and physically, in the West, where there are millions and millions of Pokemon fans and Switch owners that are also playing the game. These sales are particularly impressive considering the game is a much more casual affair, with no grinding, no battles against wild Pokemon, and a decidedly more lighthearted atmosphere.

The Pokemon Let’s Go games were developed to capitalize on the Pokemon Go craze, where many people were introduced to Pokemon for the first time. The new method of catching Pokemon, along with a lack of wild Pokemon battles, were kept to help ease them into the actual Pokemon world.

And, despite many criticisms of it not being a “real” Pokemon game and being “dumbed down”, Pokemon Let’s Go Japanese sales have proven that even with the formula greatly changed, there’s a lot of people that have bought the game. And sales of the game aren’t the only noticeable change. There have also been 180,585 Switch sales this past week, triple the amount it was the week before, showing that it’s also helping to move consoles.

While it’s not the Pokemon game a lot of fans were wanting, Nintendo has been sure to tell people that there will be other mainline Pokemon games coming later. Considering the company is going to be at E3 this year and we haven’t seen anything big from them, we might get more Pokemon announcements then.

For now, however, you can add to the total of more than just the Pokemon Let’s Go Japanese sales by buying the game, which is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.