How to Use and Equip Black Ops 4 Signature Weapons?

Black Ops 4 players get special signature weapons and many are somewhat confused about how to access them. To equip signature weapons you don’t need to do much. Just head to weapon select screen and press up on the D-pad while on the base weapon. This will open up another section of the menu showing the available signature weapon for your base gun.

It should be noted that base weapons perform identically to the base version. The signature weapons in Black Ops 4 are just cosmetic upgrades that can you can add. Every weapon in the game features a signature variant. However, they can not just be accessed right away. You first need to unlock these weapon types.

Treyarch is going big on cosmetic items in Black Ops 4. Most can be bought through the in-game store or by completing various challenges. Players can also use the paint shop in the game to make their weapon stand out. However, signature weapon designs aren’t available through the paint shop.

Some weapons are exclusive to pre-orders. The Divinity pistol has a signature version called Divine Justice. The variant is only available to those who pre-ordered the game from GameStop. Meanwhile, MX-9 is available to those who pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition, Digital Enhanced Edition, Pro Edition, or Mystery Box Edition.

You can still get the MX-9 Patriot by getting the Digital Deluxe Version or anything above that. Each base weapon has a signature version and unlocking that will trigger a progression system for getting more cosmetic rewards. The final goal is to get the Mastercraft versions.

In addition to having Signature Weapon variants, each weapon comes with a Mastercraft version as well. You can consult our specialists’ guide to better understand your character It helps in choosing the right weapon so you can push for its signature version in Black Ops 4.

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