From Instability To Intentional Performance Bottleneck, Ryzen Mobile APUs Are Plagued With Issues

AMD Ryzen CPUs and APUs are giving Intel a tough time in the CPU market. However, that doesn’t mean every AMD Ryzen Mobile APU user is happy with it. What is interesting is that AMD is doing little to nothing at all about it.

One Reddit user compiled the list of issues that users are experiencing with AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs. According to the Redditor, there a significant number of AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs users that are experiencing issues.

These issues include old drivers, system instability and intentional performance bottlenecking. According to the reports, users only have access to old AMD Ryzen APU drivers dated August 2018. Meaning, AMD isn’t actively rolling out new drivers for Mobile APUs.

Not only that, the lack of new drivers has resulted in new features, such as Radeon ReLive or the Radeon Overlay, not being available for AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs.

As for Ryzen APU stability, systems with Ryzen Mobile APUs aren’t stable at all, especially the Ryzen Pro APU variants.

According to reports, users are experiencing issues like “VLC crashing, Adobe Programs not recognizing the GPU all the way to the system showing multiple BSoDs an hour”.

This is especially frustrating for users since these APUs were marketed with being more stable and better than Intel.

However, that is clearly not the case, at least, when it comes to stability. Here is a list of a few stability issues that users are experiencing with AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs.

  • Ridiculous TDP limits
  • VLC crashing in DX11 mode, not in OpenGL or other modes
  • Adobe Programs not recognizing the GPU and forced to use the software renderer
  • Blender3D not recognizing the GPU
  • DX11 (and other) games not allowing to change the resolution, sometimes even with stock drivers
  • Weird screen flickering when Vari-Bright is enabled
  • Framedrops in games when Chill and Target Framerate Control are enabled
  • Random crashing with BSODs often resulting in data loss
  • Crashing when installing workaround drivers
  • Can’t change screen brightness with the F3/F4 keys, no option in the battery quick menu

In addition to all of this, AMD Ryzen Mobile APU performance is deliberately bottlenecked. As the user tested and found that installing “incompatible”/unofficial drivers like 18.10.1” yield performance gains.

It is clear that there are problems with AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs. What is interesting is the lack of support from AMD. No new drivers are being released for the Mobile APUs and stability and performance bottlenecking issues are rampant.

AMD has a good track record of supporting its products, I hope that the company will soon sort out these issues. Otherwise, as the Redditor noted, no one will care about 3rd-gen Ryzen Mobile APUs.

Speaking of Ryzen, a Ryzen powered Steam handhelds is also in the works and is confirmed for 2019 release. SMACH Z is the Ryzen powered Steam handheld that provides flexibility of PC gaming while allowing you to play on the go.

Not only that, PlayStation 5 will be powered by AMD Ryzen if the reports are to be believed. Furthermore, the report suggests that PlayStation 5 is a solid 4K/60 FPS console.

Source: Reddit