Code Vein Release Date, Multiplayer, Gameplay, And Everything We Know So Far

Code Vein is a Souls inspired action RPG developed by Bandai Namco for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game takes place in a dystopian setting after an apocalyptic event devasted the world.

The game covers vampire themes as you are rewarded for blood consumption with supernatural abilities. Since it is a Souls inspired title, there is definitely plenty of excitement about its release among the Souls community. It brings something unique yet familiar for the players of Dark Souls. Still, it remains a piece of art that is attracting players who are new to the genre.

Code Vein Gameplay Details

The anime style of Code Vein is wrapped around a dark tale about blood-sucking vampires. Our lead hero is looking for life-giving blood, taking some from the enemies you slay along the way.

The blood has a critical role in Code Vein’s gameplay system which is designed to offer RPG-style upgrades through blood. These upgrades can make a big difference in combat situations. Especially, if you are facing larger enemies in boss fights.

The lead character won’t be alone when facing these enemies through his journey. Bandai Namco has added an AI assistant as well that comes with its own skills and buffs.

You can adjust the AI abilities and skills at a home base which adds a technical layer to your partnership. There are certain sections of the game where the AI help is the only way to complete the mission. You will need to protect your AI partner as it can often be the only way to progress.

Players will also have a variety of weapons at his disposal, as well as tools to extract blood.  There is an inventory system in place which limits the number of weapons and tools you can carry.

Stealth gameplay is an option when facing monsters in Code Vein as players can choose to sneak up on enemies.

Once the enemies become alert they move fast; faster compared to monsters from Dark Souls. This makes combat faster and more engaging as there is hardly any room to breathe. Combat is fast moving, dodging, and jumping around.

Since our lead character is a vampire himself, he has many spells or the game calls them, “gifts,” at is disposal.

These include various weapons and buffs and all of them are supplemented with a focus meter which can increase damage. The focus increases with timed moves; be it defensive and offensive.

For now, this is pretty much all we know about its gameplay mechanics but we expect more to be shared soon.

Code Vein Release Date

The release date for Code Vein was supposed to be set for sometime in 2018. However, Bandai Namco needed more time to create a better experience for its fans. Earlier this year, the game was delayed to 2019 Code Vein will now release in 2019, according to Bandai Namco. But there is no confirmation of when exactly the game will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

There is plenty of discussion of next-gen consoles releasing sometime in 2020. Similar to how Dark Souls games released on current-gen console as remasters, Code Vein could be released on Xbox Scarlett and PS5 sometime in 2020.

The game will also hit PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. It is quite possible that it will offer 4K on both platforms.

Will Code Vein Have Online Multiplayer?

There is more than one similarity between Code Vein and Dark Souls. The game borrows more than just the gameplay style from From Software. Bandai Namco has announced online multiplayer for Code Vein. The game will feature an online co-op multiplayer system that will allow friends or random players to join your game.

CODE VEIN gives players the chance to answer requests for help from other Revenants finding difficulty battling against the Lost. Explore and defeat the enemies lurking through each dungeon with your A.I. companion and another human player to get through difficult areas of the game. Players can communicate through a combination of gestures, stamps and voice commands for added communication and teamwork

The aforementioned AI is an offline take on co-op since there is no offline co-co mode that allows you to play with others. The AI will help you during your missions.