FIFA 19 Javier Hernández Flashback Card Now Available In Ultimate Team

EA Sports tends to support its FIFA titles with new content and updates till the next title releases. Now, EA Sports has included FIFA 19 Flashback Card of Javier Hernández in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

This FIFA 19 Flashback Card of Javier Hernández comes with updated stats representing the peak of his career. This FIFA 19 Flashback Card can only be obtained by completing the Pink Creation Challenge that will be available for a limited time.

Speaking of the game, EA seems to be very intolerant of the YouTubers or Pro Players who speak the truth about FIFA. A recent example of this is EA banning a FIFA 19 Pro player for criticizing the game.

The FIFA 19 pro player in question is Kurt Fenech, who was banned from FIFA 19 for launching “personal attacks”. According to Fenech, he received a 2-month ban which pretty much ruins his entire season.

However, he added that he wouldn’t bother to play the game again if they gave him a one week ban. He noted that FIFA 19 is in an unacceptable state and EA did nothing to improve it.

This is after the fact that EA is currently under criminal investigation in Belgium. The criminal investigation initiated following the company refused to comply with Belgium’s gambling law.

Following that a 15 country joint investigation against video game gambling is currently underway. However, Ireland has noted that loot boxes are not gambling.

According to the minister of state at the Department of Justice, the department “does not have a role to regulate game developers on how their games work nor, in the offering of in-game purchases”.

Not only that, the loot box controversy has made it to Poland and the credit goes to FIFA 19. According to a local Magazine, the Ministry of Finance was notified of the loot boxes in FIFA 19 FUT mode.

Speaking of the loot boxes, while there are developers that continue to include loot boxes in video games. However, there are also des that have got the message and are removing them.

One recent example of this is Turn 10 Studios who removed loot boxes aka Prize Crates from Fora Motorsport 7.

According to devs, they have replaced the loot boxes with Race Shop feature that will provide players with “Driver Gear, Mod cards, and more”.

FIFA 19 is a soccer simulator developed by EA Sports. The game is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitter

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