New Fallout 76 Update Uncaps Frame Rates on PC, Patch Notes Not That Big

First Fallout 76 update has finally arrived on all platforms but it does more than what the release notes mentioned as it also unlocks the frame rates on PC platform.

Yes, Fallout 76 on PC now supports higher frame rates than 60fps. It’s something the patch notes for yesterday’s update in Fallout 76 didn’t mention at all.

Fallout 76 framerates were limited before to address some performance issues in the game. Now finally the players can take full advantage of their powerful system and play Fallout 76 without any framerates restrictions.

Now, this change surprisingly also unties the physics from the framerates. If you have a heavy system then you can now run Fallout 76 with up to 200 FPS depending on its compatibility.

This new update will also allow the players with 120hz/144hz monitors to fully take advantage of the fresh rate. Now that’s not all, Bethesda also says that they are going to bring support for ultra-wide monitors in the future with other requested features likes push-to-talk functionality and a FOV slider.

It’s a very good step by Bethesda and the players are absolutely loving this change. We hope that Bethesda continues to solve different errors and bugs in the game which make it very unfriendly.

Now if you want to experience all of these changes, you will have to download a massive update for Fallout 76. The first Fallout 76 update weighs around 47 GB on the console so it’s going to take you some time to download.

This new Fallout 76 update also brings various other changes to the system files, it also fixes the quest bug for the Bureau of Tourism with some tweaks and performance improvements.

Other than this, Fallout 76 is getting a very negative response from almost everyone. People are not liking it mainly because of the bugs inside and how it looks unfinished.

Though some of the modders have decided to take it upon themselves to improve the overall experience in Fallout 76. You should also checkout out some mods here as they are going to make the game more playable.

One of the new mods makes changes to the INI files to deliver better performance in Fallout 76. This mod restricts some visual effects or lowers them so your game doesn’t experience any performance issues.

There’s another one called “Better Inventory” to make it a lot easier to handle inventory. It shows you the total weight of each category so you will know what’s keeping you down.

Fallout 76 reviews are in progress but it’s already clear that it’s going to be the lowest rated game in the Fallout series. Fallout 76 currently has a 46% score on Metacritic and the user score stands at an insanely low score of 2.7. Even Fallout 4 DLCs have better review scores than Fallout 76 which is a message sent to Bethesda that they have failed.

Now if that’s not enough, the newly released Spyro Trilogy has also outsold Fallout 76.

This latest online Fallout game uses the same engine as Fallout 4 and that’s why tweaking the system files is very easy and even Bethesda has confirmed the hacking vulnerability in the game.

We now have to wait to see how Bethesda can turn around all this negativity about the game to gain back the trust of their loyal fans once again.