Pokemon Let’s Go Trailer Ups Nostalgia With Shot-For-Shot Remake Of Original Pokemon Theme

If you grew up as a 90’s kid, you likely remember the original Pokemon theme song, about being the very best like no one ever was. Now that the game is out, however, a new Pokemon Let’s Go trailer has decided to up the nostalgia factor by a huge margin.

They’re doing this with a new Pokemon Let’s Go trailer, one that shot-for-shot recreates the anime show’s original opening, and all in the game’s engine to boot. Whether riding an Arcanine or Rapidash, battling a Raichu, or even having your Charmander get hit with a Haunter’s Lick attack, it’s all there, and all backed up by a redone theme song that’s sure to get Pokemon fans hyped up, even if you’re not intending to buy the game.

The Pokemon Let’s Go games are intended to capitalize on the huge popularity of Pokemon Go, and are a more casual Pokemon experience for new fans or returning players that want to go on another romp through Kanto backed up by a special Eevee or Pikachu that you can choose at the start. While it’s gotten some flak for being a “dumbed-down” version of Pokemon, it still looks great and the amount of customization you can give both your character and your Pokemon (along with sheer cuteness factor) is amazing.

Jessie and James from Team Rocket are even in the game with a Meowth (though unfortunately this one doesn’t talk), once again tying it back to Pokemon Yellow, a version of the original Generation 1 games that was intended to promote the anime.

Even if the new Pokemon Let’s Go trailer doesn’t necessarily make you want to rush out and buy a copy of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, the fact that Nintendo made such a nostalgic trailer for Pokemon fans as a love letter to Kanto is still really sweet.