Fallout 76 Optimum ReShade Mod Makes The Game Look Better On PC

Fallout 76 like the previous games in the Fallout franchise relies on mods to make it look and feel better. Yaddok has released the Fallout 76 Optimum ReShade Mod that makes the game look better on PC. If graphics is something that you care about then you should download this mode so that textures and objects in Fallout 76 look better as compared to the vanilla game.

Fallout 76 Optimum ReShade Mod makes the game less blurry, crisp, and improves visuals. You will notice that the game becomes a bit colorless but that is in line with the apocalyptic plot of the game. You can check out images of the game with the Fallout 76 Optimum ReShade Mod applied below:

Fallout 76 is a major mess and I am sure that the modders are the ones that are going to make it a bit better. If you are having issues running the game or find that the setting that you want to change cannot be tweaked in-game then be sure to refer to our Fallout 76 PC tweaks guide. The modding community is one of the reasons why Bethesda has not changed their game engine. The following is what Todd Howard had to say in this regard:

We like our editor. It allows us to create worlds really fast and the modders know it really well. There are some elementary ways we create our games and that will continue because that lets us be efficient and we think it works best.

He also mentioned that while the engine is going to be updated for upcoming games like Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6, both games will still use the same old engine. We have seen enough of the same engine. It does not work in 2018 and it is not going to work in games coming in the future. This is something that Bethesda has to consider changing.