Super Smash Bros Ultimate Development Over, Game Has Gone Gold For December 7 Release

December 7 can now start coming with a vengeance after game director Masahiro Sakurai announced that Super Smash Bros Ultimate development has come to an end. The game has now gone gold, and now comes the agonizing wait before players can buy or download it and start playing it with their friends.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the latest in the Super Smash Bros series, and is the biggest game ever. Every single character from previous Smash Bros games available in it plus a few new ones that have been announced at Nintendo Directs over the past few months. While some of the characters weren’t to the likings of various fans (such as Piranha Plant being put in as a downloadable fighter instead of Waluigi), there’s still going to be five more releasing over the next year.

Along with all of the characters ever, the game will also be getting every single stage that’s ever been in a Super Smash Bros game, and all of its music tracks as well. Players will be able to use their all-time favorite characters to play on their all-time favorite stages, and many of these characters have been tweaked, such as Fox, Wolf, and Falco’s Final Smashes no longer being the cumbersome and near-useless Landmaster tank.

Overall, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate development time doesn’t seem to have gone to waste with all of the gameplay footage we’ve seen, including all of the new characters, the echo fighters like Simon and Richter Belmont, the new final smashes and attacks, and more. And even though it’s not over yet and we’ll be getting five more characters, there’s also the possibility that we’ll be getting even more characters in the future.

Either way, since its first announcement back in March, Super Smash Bros Ultimate development has been going at a pretty steady pace, and hopefully it will be able to slow down a bit for Nintendo’s Smash Bros team once December 7 rolls around.