Four Teleporters Appeared Under Wailing Woods in Fortnite

The arrival of Fortnite v6.3 patch brings four teleporters under Wailing Woods. The teleporters appeared in the bottom floor and near the large circular opening on the walls.

This large space has several floors; this place quite resembles an underground sewage system which has four large pipes on each side of the four main walls.

These large pipes don’t lead anywhere, instead, they have rift-like portals that allow the players to go through the walls and end up on the other side.

However, some of the portals lead to having no other entrances or exits and are only accessible via a portal.

Underneath the Wailing Woods area, there was once existed an opening which the players think they will access in the game’s next season. That opening is now gone, instead, it is surprisingly replaced with a four-way portal.

A Reddit user named TimSad shared the appearance and functionality of the teleporters. The teleporters bring players to another house in the forest, which is actually not far from the bunker.

These houses are located in the north, south, east, and west of the main bunker. Making a plus symbol, which could be interpreted as a crosshair.

These teleporters function like rifts which was an addition in season five of the game. However, the main difference is that the teleporters don’t shoot players up into the sky. Falling from the sky makes a loud noise that can be heard in the nearby places. Although you will soon be flying in Fortnite.

In the morning’s update, we didn’t see any significant changes to the map. But Wailing Woods could be the next point of interest.

Speaking of points of interest, this new year’s Eve you may be interested in checking out the famous Twitch Streamer Ninja playing Fortnite live at Times Square. Moreover, future Fortnite patch will make more changes and improvements to the game so stay tuned for that.