Devil May Cry 5 Pre-Load Has Started 5 Months Before Release

According to the internet, Capcom has already flipped the switch on Xbox One by starting the pre-load of Devil May Cry 5. Multiple users who have pre-ordered the game have reported that Devil May Cry 5 is now installing on their systems 5 months before the official release date.

As seen on Reddit and ResetEra, Devil May Cry 5 weighs about 29.75 GB in game size and it consists of all upcoming DLC content. Don’t get jealous as it’s confirmed that it’s nothing more than a pre-load of Devil May Cry 5. Players who attempt to launch the game get a message saying that it’s not available to play yet.

Now that makes sense as we still have some months left to witness some demon in DMC 5. Capcom has yet to respond to this early Devil May Cry 5 pre-load. Everyone seems confused about it on the internet. Some are expecting this to be a mistake or a glitch as DMC 5 is far away from its release date. Though we personally think that maybe it’s a Dev build which accidentally was made available to the public.

To be honest it’s not very much surprising especially to see that Devil May Cry 5 pre-load on Xbox One. As Microsoft always brings this pre-loading of games way ahead of time. Usually about even a month earlier but not 5 obviously. Maybe they are doing it so the players with slow internet can stop complaining and enjoy slaying some demon at the launch.

DMC 5 pre-load is not available on PS4 so don’t expect Capcom to release the game earlier. Sony allows pre-load about a few days or a week earlier before the game releases.

Other than that, everyone is hoping that it’s the legit and the final Devil May Cry 5 game size. It’s likely that Devil May Cry 5 game size will increase at launch if Capcom adds more content to the game. After seeing games like RDR 2 with 100 GB to download, we are really scared.

Now let’s just keep that Devil May Cry 5 pre-load aside to talk about that new Void mode training ground which Capcom unveiled at Xbox X018 event.

This all-new Void Mode is like a playground mode for you to try different move sets with enemies. This mode will also allow you to practice Devil breaks along with some inspired by games like Mega Man.

Void Mode is especially here to challenge the longtime fans of DMC 5 by testing out their skills. New players of the game will also find this useful before heading into the main storyline which includes some very difficult boss fights.

DMC 5 development is already complete and some lucky fans got to play it early. Players who got the chance to try it are very pleased with the game. According to them, Devil May Cry 5 is smooth badass and it’s almost everything a DMC fan ever wanted.

Now after that, there’s nothing much left than to play Devil May Cry 5 itself on the release date. It’s very hard to wait so we will just start by pre-loading for now. If you are interested, you should also check out this Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Edition which is going to cost you a fortune.

Devil May Cry 5 will officially release for PS4, PC and Xbox One on March 8, 2019.