Hacker Manages to Earn $20000 From Valve, Here is How

We live in an age where almost everything is becoming digital. PC gaming is fully digital thanks to Steam, Origin, Uplay and more. However, being completely digital has cons of its own as Valve just paid $20,000 to a hacker for discovering a Steam Bug that generated thousands of game keys for free.

The hacker in question Artem Moskowsky, also known as “bug hunter”. The hacker came across the Steam Bug or glitch that allowed him to generate thousands of game keys for free.

The Steam glitch or bug was discovered and reported back in August. However, Valve has made the bug public only recently. Maybe Valve was waiting to resolve the problem first and then make it public. As for the “bug hunter”, he received $20,000 for his troubles.

As for how the Steam Bug actually worked. Valve revealed that the glitch was related to Steam’s developer tools. According to Valve, using “specific parameters” users could generate keys to a game that didn’t belong to them and for free.

However, Valve has confirmed that during its investigation it didn’t find any misuse of this Steam Bug. Also, this is not the first Steam glitch or bug reported by Moskowsky.

The hacker has been on it for months, previously he received $25000 for reporting another bug in Steam.

Steam is offering these rewards as part of its program that offers money to hackers who report bugs and glitches inside Steam.

The amount offered depends on the severity of the bug. So, if you find a bug in Steam then just report it to Valve and receive your just reward.

Steam is the biggest marketplace for PC games. If this bug had been misused it could have cost millions to Valve and the developers of the game. It is good to see hackers working with Valve to make Steam free of bugs and secure.

Speaking of Steam, Sunset Overdrive PC has been in the news lately. This time the game has popped up in Steam Database. As this listing emerged I was expecting an announcement at X018. However, I was disappointed but we might see the game coming to Steam sometime later.

Not only that, Steam User count also jumped 23 million up compared to last year. According to Valve, Steam now has 90 million users per month which is up from 67 million users last year. Furthermore, Steam concurrent user count also saw a bump as now it stands at 18.1 million concurrent users.

Also, there are two annual Steam sales remaining for 2018. These sales are Autumn sale and Winter sale. Valve has a habit of not revealing when the sale will begin. However, dates for two major Steam sales have leaked.

According to the leak, Steam Autumn sale begins later this month on November 21 and continues till November 27.

As for the Steam Winter sale, it will start on December 20, 2018, and will continue for two weeks till January 3, 2019. As it has always been, these Steam sales will bring incredible discounts for your favorite PC games.