Driveable Tractors? More Details On Battlefield V Firestorm

Firestorm for those who don’t know is Battlefield’s upcoming battle royale mode. Yes, Battlefield V has gone the same path as Fortnite, PUBG and recently even¬†Black Ops 4.

That’s Call of Duty also becoming part of the trend. Red Dead Online is also rumored to have a battle royale mode added to the western multiplayer experience. Can’t wait for Smash Ultimate to add its own battle royale game mode. But right, being well known for its vehicular combat, Battlefield V will be letting us drive tractors in the Firestorm game mode.

battlefield v firestorm
Battlefield V isn’t one to stray away from the trend as they plan to add Firestorm to rival Fortnite, PUBG and Black Ops 4. The other three do have an arguable edge over the Battlefield variant, that edge being of more players in a game. Since Firestorm can have a max of upto¬†64 players in a game.

Unlike Fortnite and PUBG (100) or Black Ops (80). It’s also unsure whether solo queueing will be possible, or is Firestorm a team mode only game. What Battlefield V relies on most for their battle royale mode being above the rest, is their emphasis on environmental destruction and vehicular combat. Like killing people with a tractor.

The reason for the name firestorm is that the restricting circle of the map will be an enclosing ring of fire that centers into the map. Forcing players inwards just like any battle royale game. Battlefield has added conquest like objectives to their royale, which are ways for squads to secure better weapons and gear.

Seeing as how a game will have 16 squads of 4 each, it’s pretty obvious that those objective secures will be heavily chaotic as the developers attended. They also wish to capture the feel of a battle royale better with how the graphics, sound quality and mechanics of the game are. The map is also the largest of any map that the Battlefield series has ever conceived.

Some companies like ID software stay strong and resist the battle royale trend, games like Doom for example. Which could have a fun royale setting. At this point though, with how often this game mode is showing up in even the biggest titles.

It’s starting to emit the heavy vibes of a cash grab. I mean Black Ops 4 used it, and sacrificed a good campaign for that, which says it all. Still, we can kill people in Battlefield V using a tractor. So, yay? I guess.