2020 Will Be The Year Of 7nm Nvidia GPUs, Bright Future Ahead For TSMC

Nvidia is leading the GPU market but, it is AMD that has brought 7nm GPUs. That is about to change as Nvidia is ready to embrace 7nm GPUs. Meaning soon 7nm Nvidia GPUs will be dominating the market.

This is according to the report from DigiTimes. The report notes that the TSMC’s 7nm process node is quite popular around the world and the company is expected to complete 50 contracts by the end of 2018.

According to the report, Nvidia along with a number of tech giants like Qualcomm, Xilinx and more will be adopting the 7nm process node by 2019. This means that we will be seeing the release of 7nm Nvidia GPUs in 2020 that will replace the RTX GPUs based on the Turing architecture.

TSMC’s 7nm capacity is expected to be fully utilized to fulfill massive orders from Apple, Huawei/HiSilicon, Qualcomm, Nvidia, AMD, Xilinx, and other AI chipmakers in 2019.

Speaking of Nvidia, its latest RTX 2080 Ti reportedly has an architectural problem that is killing the GPU. Players have reported that their RTX 2080 Ti are dying due to overheating issues.

But, that might not be the case at all. According to a Youtuber, the 1.4% RMA for the RTX 2080 Ti suggests that there is no architectural defect killing it.

The Youtuber noted that if the RMA was close to 20 – 25% then it would suggest architectural problems. This indicates that these dying GPUs are just isolated incidents but, that doesn’t mean there are no defective pieces out there.

Nvidia is yet to reveal its GTX 2060 and we still don’t know when it will happen. But, seems like the GTX 2060 has leaked thanks to latest Final Fantasy 15 benchmarks.

Given that the benchmarks have noted it as “Nvidia Graphics Device” but, it is around the same spot where the Nvidia GTX 2060 should be. The alleged Nvidia GTX 2060 is even faster compared to the GTX 1070 Ti.

Also, don’t expect GTX 2060 to support Real-time Ray Tracing as Nvidia has confirmed that RTX 2070 is the minimum requirement to support RTX.

As for the 7nm GPUs, AMD has introduced two its first 7nm GPUs. These GPUs are AMD Radeon Instinct MI50 and MI60 designed for accelerating specific tasks like cloud computing, deep learning, scientific simulations, deep learning and more.

Aside from bringing 7nm GPUs, these graphics cards come with HBM2 memory. The Radeon Instinct MI50 comes with 16GB of HBM2 memory while the MI60 features 32GB of HBM2 memory.

However, both of these GPUs aren’t for gaming and AMD has shown no indication when it will be bringing its next-gen GPUs to the market. But, AMD Vega 20 has popped up online.

Like the GTX 2060, Vega 20 also popped up in Final Fantasy 15 benchmarks. However, it is surprising to see the GPU in Final Fantasy 15 benchmarks since it is a Nvidia title.