Playstation Classic Emulator Is PCSX, An Open-Source Emulator

The use of emulators to bring older games to places they either ordinarily wouldn’t be able to go, or bring older games back from the dead, has been used for years now, and the Playstation Classic emulator is the most recent example, especially since it’s PCSX, an open-source emulator.

The Playstation Classic is the most recent of the various types of miniaturized classic consoles that have been released on the market in the past few years, such as the NES and SNES Classics, and like its two predecessors it comes with around 20 of the Playstation’s most classic games.

These games include the original Metal Gear Solid, Tekken 3, Wild Arms, Rayman, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Parasite Eve, and the original Grand Theft Auto, making it a large hodgepodge of gaming history for some of gaming history’s greatest and most influential titles.

However, what makes the Playstation Classic Emulator isn’t what games it’s running, but more for the fact that it’s an open-source emulator, rather than a custom-written one that Sony made specifically for the mini in the same way that Nintendo did for their two classic consoles.

It sends a message to the entire gaming community, mainly that just because an emulator is fan-made doesn’t mean that it’s completely unsuitable to be used for actual games, and despite Nintendo’s attempts at getting rid of emulation, it seems rather hypocritical for other companies to start getting rid of it, especially if they use open-source emulators themselves.

It’s made even more hypocritical when, back in 1999, Sony sued an emulator and lost, then afterwards bought the emulator and shut it down. Yet now, nearly two decades later, they’re now using open-source emulators without any fuss.

The fact that the Playstation Classic emulator is an open-source one also offers a big advantage for some players over the NES and SNES Classic; it being open-source rather than custom-made means that it would be easier for players to add more games to the Classic the same way they did for the NES Classic.

The Playstation Classic console will be coming out on December 3.