Michael Gamble Reveals Anthem Mass Effect Javelin Skin For N7 Day

Micheal Gamble of BioWare has shown off an Anthem Mass Effect Javelin skin in celebration of N7 Day (November 7), showing off one of the more notable ways that we can customize our power armor in the game when it comes out. Anthem will be coming out on February 22, next year.

Anthem’s entire method of gameplay focuses around players suiting up in Iron Man-like power armor suits called Javelins to go adventuring, and BioWare already showed us that you can customize your Javelin any way you like, and Michael Gamble has decided to show us the Anthem Mass Effect Javelin skin option.

Commander Shepard’s red and white N7 stripe was one of the most notable parts of his armor and served as a symbol of the entire original Mass Effect trilogy, and considering it’s one of BioWare’s best-known games it’s not surprising that BioWare is putting in the option as a love letter to one of its best-known series.

Mass Effect also, however, hangs a dark shadow over all of Anthem. With Mass Effect Andromeda’s lackluster reception and technical fiasco back in 2017, many are worried that BioWare will be shut down by its publisher EA if Anthem fails despite BioWare’s assurances, yet at the same time are unenthusiastic about Anthem’s release to begin with.

While the fans clamor for more Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, Gamble also said that they have more stories that they want to tell in Mass Effect, and there have been hints of a new Dragon Age game being developed, not to mention Mass Effect Andromeda was recently enhanced for the Xbox One X, so there’s no telling what exactly will happen for each series.

Either way, hopefully Anthem will subvert expectations and become a classic BioWare game, even if it’s just Destiny or The Division under a different name, and the fact that you can make an Anthem Mass Effect Javelin skin will just be a bonus to an already great game.