AMD RX 590 Benchmarks Reveal Impressive Performance, 1680 MHz Boost Clock

New AMD RX 590 benchmarks reveal that the graphics card is able to boost to 1680 MHz. This is impressive keeping in mind that previous benchmarks showed the boost clock was around 1500 MHz. The graphics card is able to score 7350 points in Fire Strike Extreme. This is not the best performance in the world but the AMD RX 590 could be a viable upgrade for gamers that have older graphics cards.

AMD RX 590: Price, Performance, Release Date, Competition

This improvement is most likely due to the driver updates. Keeping that in mind it is more than likely that AMD can tweak things to get even more performance out of the graphics card. You can check out the AMD RX 590 Benchmarks below:

AMD RX 590 Benchmarks

Release Date

AMD RX 590 benchmarks have been leaked time and time again and each time we get to see better performance. While we have little information regarding when these graphics cards will be available, we caught a glimpse of the card in the background of a YouTube video which hints that reviewers have already got the cards for testing.

This means that we might get third-party reviews of the cards soon and that the release date is also around the corner. Word has it that these cards will release on the 15th of November, which is likely keeping all this information in mind. On the other hand, the release date has not been confirmed by AMD so you should take this with a grain of salt.


The price of the AMD RX 590 has not been confirmed by AMD as of right now but then what we have heard is that the graphics card will cost around $300. This is a very competitive price point keeping in mind the performance of the graphics card.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Nvidia has not released a graphics card in the mid-range and here is where AMD is aiming for. Provided that the 590 comes at a lower price point when compared to the 580 and it offers at least 10% better performance, then it will be a great buy for people that are interested in upgrading their builds.

Custom Graphics Cards

Not only have we seen the reference design card, but the custom cards as well. We have seen the custom models from Powercolor as well as the version from Asus. The Asus Radeon RX 590 ROG STRIX comes with a dual fan cooler which should be more than enough to keep the graphics card cool under load.

The RX 580 is known for getting pretty hot and that causes it to clock down when it is under load for too long. The AMD RX 590 is not only supposed to be power powerful but more efficient as well, so it should not get as hot as the RX 590.

The Powercolor RX 590 also comes with dual fans but the shroud is gaming Black and Red which is a great combination. The card comes with a pretty beefy cooler and that should be more than enough to keep the graphics card cool under load.

The Competition

The AMD RX 590 will be going up against the new Nvidia GTX 1060 that comes with GDDR5X memory instead of the standard GDDR5 memory. Nvidia might not have an RTX graphics card for the mid-range market but it seems that the company is going to make up for that with the GDDR5X GTX 1060.

This new graphics card comes with the GP104 core which means that the graphics card is a cut-down version of the GTX 1080. Other specifications are pretty much the same. The same number of CUDA cores, the same clock speeds and what not. It will be interesting to see how these two graphics cards compete with one another.

Let us know what you think about the AMD RX 590 and whether or not you are interested in getting one of these graphics cards when they come out.