Upcoming Window 10 Update Could Enable Messaging And Calls

Window 10 updates haven’t been doing too well in the past couple of weeks. That does not mean that all hope is lost. The latest news regarding Window 10 updates is that we might be able to send and receive calls and texts from our PCs.

The hint comes from the “Windows.CallingShellApp” program which points out that users might be able to sync their phones with their PCs in the near future. This will allow them to divert messages and call from the phone to the PC. Making it easier for the user to respond to incoming calls and texts. This way, users will not have to move away from the big screen in order to respond to notifications on the phone.

Window 10 Update

We already get plenty of notifications on PC that we get on phones, it would make if Microsoft let users respond to texts and call from the PC in the upcoming Windows 10 update. Microsoft has tried to bring Windows 10 and smartphones closer but things haven’t always been clear. This does seem like a step in the right direction but implementation needs to be spot on for this to work.

I remember that this was a feature on my Windows Phone. When both the phone and my laptop were connected to the internet and I was logged into my Hotmail account, I would get messages from my phone to my laptop and it was very easy to reply to.

I would like this feature back. Now that Windows Phones are off the market, Microsoft should work on bringing such capabilities to iOS and Android devices as well. This upcoming Window 10 update should be available in the first half of 2019. This feature will most likely be integrated into the My Phone app but keeping in mind that even the Insiders do not have this feature yet, we cannot say for sure.