Red Dead Redemption 3 Release Date, Story, Rumors and More

Red Dead Redemption 2 has proven to be a major success for Rockstar Games. The game has pushed over 17 million copies across the globe. But many are already thinking about the next game, Red Dead Redemption 3. Judging by the scale of Red Dead Redemption games it is safe to say it would take a long time before another installment.

However, it is going to happen for sure. Take-Two previously stated that Rockstar Games will develop Red Dead Redemption 3 but its development depends on RDR2. Red Dead Redemption 2’s success was to fuel the development of RDR3. The latest installment has made over 700M in a week, probably much more at the time of this writing.

When Will Red Dead Redemption 3 Release?

Since fans are mostly done with RDR2, the big question is whether there will be a RDR3? Red Dead Redemption 3 is expected to release after the Grand Theft Auto 6. GTA 6 is reportedly in development right now and will come to PS5 and Xbox Scarlett somewhere around 2023. The main focus for Rockstar Games right now is a new Bully game. Bully sequel is reportedly happening and is under full development as we speak. According to Sources close to Rockstar Games, Bully 2 is scheduled to release in early 2020. The first game release over a decade ago and while that is more than enough time to create another installment, Rockstar Games never had any plans for Bully 2 until recently.

The engine powering the game is ready and since Bully 2 won’t be a massive open-world game, 2020 seems like a realistic release window. Casting for the game began a while ago and motion capture is underway, according to a recent leak.

Grand Theft Auto 6, on the other hand, is set to release in 2023, 3 years after Bully 2. It would take another 3-4 years before we see another Red Dead Redemption gane.  A realistic window would be 2025 to 2026 for Red Dead Redemption 3.

The first game focused on the story of John Marston while the second one placed us in the shoes of Arthur Morgan.  Spoilers Ahead

At the end of Red Dead Redemption 2, the lead character Arthur Morgan meets his fate. It is unlikely to see him in Red Dead Redemption 3 plot. We will see a completely new character in the third installment.

Will We See An Entirely Different Story?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel so it would make sense if Red Dead Redemption 3  is a sequel to the 2004 Red Dead Redemption. The story is pretty much wrapped up but there are a few loose ends here and there. Of course, there are more angles to explore in the current storyline. However, the developer can create a much better, rich, and deep story content if they take a completely new direction.

Red Dead Redemption is set toward the end of the Wild West era. The backdrop of the story is over so there is no going back to the Wild West era. The only way is forward right now for Red Dead Redemption.

The sequel to the original Red Dead Redemption must take place within a few years after to even be remotely considered a “western” game. But sticking to the same storyline, timeline, and characters don’t seem right anymore.

Rockstar writers would need to create a brand new story for Red Dead Redemption 3.

Can There be Another Prequel on Dutch and Hosea?

While Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2 may have wrapped up stories of John Marston and Arthur Morgan, there are still a couple of main characters whose stories can be told in the form of more Red Dead Redemption Prequels.

One good example would the story of Dutch Vander Linde’s past, when he was young. Or maybe they can even explore the past of Hosea. Though I doubt that his past will have anything positive to offer.

Red Dead Redemption 3 Release Date?

What we know for sure is that it will release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett (Now Confirmed as Xbox Series X) toward the end of their life cycle. The hardware power of both machines would allow Rockstar Games to create an even bigger open world for Red Dead Redemption 3. Depending on what next-gen consoles can do, we can expect to see 4K resolution and 60 FPS on Red Dead Redemption 3. The second game is rumored for PC and if that is actually true, the third will definitely arrive on the platform as well.

While we don’t know what Red Dead Redemption 2 features would return for Red Dead Redemption 3. We hope punching that annoying feminist is a feature that makes a comeback.

While a Red Dead Redemption 3 release can be quite far away, Rockstar Games can definitely choose to bring a spin-off game just like Red Dead Revolver or even Red Dead Nightmare. For the time being, Rockstar Games has confirmed that they won’t be releasing and Red Dead Redemption 2 DLC. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t get a spin-off in Read Dead series. Red Dead Online on the other hand is going very strong for the time being and if you want to scratch your Red Dead itch, the online component by Rockstar Games is your only option.

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