Fortnite Cube Monsters Make Their Way to a New Team Terror Mode

Fortnite Cube Monsters are not going anywhere anytime soon as they are now a part of a brand new mode called Team Terror Mode. These cube monsters appeared for the first time when “Fortnitemares” event started. A big explosion took place and it changed the appearance of the in-game world.

This explosion brought PvE for the first time in Battle Royale with these cube monsters which can be called zombies too. Some like this addition and some don’t but Fortnite has decided to take it further by introducing a new mode called Team Terror Mode.

Now if you want to play with zombies then you can try out this limited time mode. This mode involves 2 squads with each having 32 players trying to take out each other.

Now the twist is that there are cube monsters inside it as well trying to take you all down. Now it’s on you if you want to get rewards by killing them on your way or use them as a distraction from others.

You’ll encounter two type of monsters in the game called Fiends and Brutes. Killing these will also advance your progress towards Fortnitemares challenges. You can achieve a small number of shield bar by killing them also. The easiest way to kill them is by using Fiend Hunter Crossbow as it deals x4 to these monsters. It can be found from the floor, chests and wide in the open so keep looking.

Another great addition to the game is the inclusion of AK-47 ‘Heavy AR’. It comes in rare, epic and legendary variants and it’s personally the best-looking gun in Fortnite yet. It’s my go-to weapon after being a Call of Duty player for years. This AK-47 deals 44 / 46 / 48 damage according to their variants. It has a fire rate of 75 Fire Rate and magazine of 25.

This all-new content is a part of v6.22 so start downloading today. This update also brings some NFL jerky skins to the game. Blizt mode is back once against for those complaining that Fortnite is very slow.

There are also leaks suggesting that new vehicle called Bumblebee is coming and it’s an aerial vehicle so keep playing until we hear more.