There is A Bloodborne 2 Easter Egg Hidden In Another Game, What Does It Mean?

Bloodborne 2 release rumors are back in the news once again but this time directly from From Software through an easter egg in their latest VR title called Deracine.

Deracine VR is a title from the creators of Dark Souls but it seems like the developers have left an interesting Bloodborne 2 easter egg inside.

It was expected at first that the these both game might have some relationship. Deracine VR is an adventure game which takes you to a private boarding school. It’s been just a day since its release and the players of the game have already come up with its connection to Bloodborne 2 release.

The game allows the players to make contact with other players by using a gesture called “Make contact”. Now it might seem ordinary to you but it really does resemble Bloodborne. The doll has her one arm up and another one held horizontally suggesting that “make contact” gesture found in Bloodborne.

Now that’s not all, the doll has a very interesting description suggesting that there’s an unfinished story.

A doll of the stone girl Fiona who appears in the unfinished tale. When a person has a bad dream, Fiona appears and helps them flee.

This unfinished tale could be none other than Bloodborne 2 and has given all the players a hope that we might be near to a reveal soon.

Also, there’s a book in Deracine VR which has a font resembling the one in Bloodborne. The cover also contains some weapons similar to the Bloodborne title and mentions some gods.

FromSoftware is known for giving references in the past so there are a lot of expectations from them now. Do take this all with a grain of salt as there’s no official confirmation yet. Though, there’s indeed some connection between the two games by the looks of it.

Other than that, FromSoftware is currently busy working on Sekiro Shadows Die Twice which is just a few months away. There’s also a beta of the game rumored to take place before release.

The game requires some insane skills as you can expect from the creators of Dark Souls. You should watch it being played by a skilled player to see if you’ll have a chance to survive or not.