Virtua Fighter 6 Isn’t in the Pipeline, Sega

New Virtua Fighter game has been anticipated by some of the Virtua Fighter fans. Recently, one of the fans asked Sega that he need a new Virtua Fighter game mainly the “Virtua Fighter 6”, but it appears that the game is not in the company’s agenda for the future at least, and also for quite some time.

Back then In 2017, Sega released their lineup for E3 2017, fans expected that there will be a Virtua Fighter game in their lineup but the fans were disappointed as they won’t see Virtua Fighter 6 in their lineup which was expected in E3 2017 by fans.

Virtua Fighter game Franchise started in the early 90’s as an experimental polygonal-based beat-em-up game before the game later evolved into something much bigger.
Fans are hoping to see a new installment of the series in the near future, especially after Sega mentioned that they will bring back old IPs.

By no means, this indicates that the franchise is dead. It’s just that the company is working hard on some other projects at the moment. But it could revisit us in the future who knows.

And there are possibilities outside of that. Virtua Fighter main characters Akira and Sarah Bryant both have appeared in the Dead Or Alive franchise in the past, and there seems to be a possibility that they will return in Dead Or Alive 6.

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Evolution is available for PlayStation 3, and for good measure, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will release next month on December 7 for Nintendo Switch, in both physical and digital format.