Sunset Overdrive Steam Database Listing Confirms PC Release

Sunset Overdrive for PC has been in the news for a while now. Previously, the game was rated by the ESRB and now more concrete evidence has emerged. This time, Sunset Overdrive PC has emerged in Steam database.

The listing suggests that Sunset Overdrive was planned to launch months ago. However, the listing started to get updates only recently. This indicates that Sunset Overdrive release date reveal is coming soon.

There is a possibility that Sunset Overdrive PC will be announced at X018. Also, it will be interesting to see Sunset Overdrive release on Steam as Microsoft prefers its own store.

Sunset Overdrive coming to PC will reaffirm Microsoft’s stance towards supporting PC gaming. Games like ReCore and Quantum Break are also available on Steam but, under a different publisher.

Furthermore, it is unknown which studio is working on the PC version. Sunset Overdrive was the launch title for Xbox One. The game is developed by Insomniac Games, the studio behind the recent Spiderman PS4.

Aside from the PC version, Insomniac Games has shown interest in a sequel to the game. According to Insomniac’s Ted Price, the studio requires Microsoft’s permission to develop the sequel. He added that the IP is under the direction of Microsoft Studios.

According to Ted, “You’d have to ask Microsoft” why there is no Sunset Overdrive sequel two years after the launch of the first game.

Speaking of Sunset Overdrive, the game helped Insomniac with Spiderman PS4. Sunset Overdrive was the first open-world game developed by Insomniac Games. According to the studio, this helped the team a lot while developing an open-world New York for Spiderman.

Sunset had an extremely complex geometry, and certainly that is a further element that we took from there, but also the movement system, the particular fluidity in the rhythm … they are all things we took and channeled into an experience sewed around Spider-Man,so the answer to your question is a 100% yes.

Sunset Overdrive is an open-world action game developed by Insomniac Games. The game is available for Xbox One.