PUBG Crossover With Suicide Squad Will Bring Joker And Harley To Battle Royale

PUBG is the game that put Battle Royale genre on the map. However, PUBG is longer the most popular battle royale game but, developer PUBG Corp is still supporting it with new content. This time the studio has revealed PUBG crossover with Suicide Squad.

However, the PUBG crossover with Suicide Squad will not see the whole squad coming to the game. Instead, only Joker and Harley Quinn will be added to PUBG.

The developers didn’t reveal when this PUBG crossover with Suicide Squad will take place. However, fans aren’t particularly pleased with it as they are demanding the devs to fix the game first.

PUBG is n longer the most popular Battle Royale title and for a good reason. It’s been over a year and technical issues still persist, hackers are running wild. Instead of fixing the game, the developers’ focus is on aesthetics.

Speaking of the game, the developers have introduced hardware based anti-cheat system for PUBG. As the name suggests, this new anti-cheat system will ban the hardware using cheats or hacks.

The developers will deploy this new anti-cheat system on November 10, 2018. If this anti-cheat system works as advertised then this might be the solution that will eliminate cheaters.

Previously, PUBG Corp was banning user accounts found cheating. These hackers would just make a new account and start using hacks again. With the hardware banned, these hackers will have to buy a new system which is relatively expensive.

Furthermore, Microsoft is possibly teasing a new map for X018. Microsoft has started a countdown over its Twitter account and also teased some big news for PUBG. According to the leak, the PUBG will release for PS4 in December 2018.

PUBG is currently avaialble for PC and Xbox One. However, this console exclusivity might end soon as the game is all but confirmed for PS4.

PUBG is a Battle Royale title developed by PUBG Corp. The game is available for PC and Xbox One.