Microsoft Teasing Some Big Pubg News at X018, New Map?

PUBG has been here for sometime on Xbox One but its craze is not ending anytime soon as Microsoft has teased something exciting about it to be revealed at X018. X018 is scheduled to take place this upcoming Saturday and according to Phil Spencer, it’s going to be filled with exciting and new revelations.

Microsoft recently tweeted a countdown while revealing some of the confirmed games we are going to hear about. The list started with PUBG as it says that some big news is coming up. The Tweet also revealed that an update on State of Decay 2 will be a part of the event along with Tomb Raider’s upcoming DLC called The Forge.

Now, this upcoming big news could be about that map which was teased back at E3 2018. PUBG Xbox One has been getting content continually similar to the PC version. So we are expecting this to be a snow or winter map in PUBG which has been rumored for some time.

This map was originally supposed to be released sometime in Winter so it makes perfect sense for it to be a part of Xbox X018 event.

Xbox X018 event will start this Saturday and it’s expected to be filled with big game reveals. Crackdown 3 is also going to be a part of it so don’t miss out. Xbox Scarlet is also rumored to be revealed at the event and we can’t wait for it to start.

As for PUBG, its console exclusivity to the Xbox is going to end very soon as it’s reportedly coming to PS4 in December. No, it’s not all made up, interestingly this news came to from a PSN leak which shows us that the game has a link and a logo on the PlayStation servers.

This is not alone the hint that PUBG PS4 is happening as previously Korea released a rating for the PS4 version of the game.

We hope that it turns out to be true so we can play PUBG also on PS4 after all these years. This could also open up a possibility of cross-play just like Fortnite so let’s just wait and watch.