Kadokawa President Talks About Xbox One, PS4 Exclusivity and Influence of Nintendo Switch

Kadokawa President recently sat down for a detailed interview to talk about his interest in Xbox One, PS4 Exclusivity and the positive influence of Nintendo Switch in the market. Kadokawa Games is popularly known for their games like Root Letter, God Wars, Metal Xeno and more.

DualShockers took the opportunity to ask about their games being exclusive to PS4 adding LoveR to the question. They asked him whether he wants to work on a single platform or wants to work for multi-platforms.

Kadokawa Games President, Yoshimi Yasuda said:

I’m a creator, Producer, and the President of the company, but as a creator myself, I’d always like the largest possible audience to play my games. Personally, I always prefer to develop my games as multiplatform. Of course, we allow other Producers to set their own strategy. If one of our Producers has a special relationship with a specific platform or sees particular conditions that a specific platform can provide, he can choose the best way to achieve the success of the game. For instance, Sugiyama-san has a good relationship with Sony, so LoveR will be on PlayStation. I let our Producers decide what is best for the games.

He was then asked about his interest in Xbox One. Yoshimi Yasuda responded by saying that he likes the platform very much and he wants to work on it but he doesn’t find the relationship between Xbox and developers in best conditions yet, especially in Japan. He mentioned again that he wants to reach multi-platforms and intends to work on Xbox One if he ever gets the chance.

Yoshimi Yasuda is just getting started as he wants to be active on a platform like Steam. He also wants to bring all of his games on Nintendo Switch so we might be getting some big Japanese games on it in the future.

He then proceeded to talk about Nintendo Switch and said that it has revived the gaming market as it’s full of good products now. According to him, it’s all about games at the end of the day.

There’s a lot more he talked about including The God Wars franchise, Root Letter, LoveR and more. You can read the full interview here at the DualShockers to know it all.