Hunt For Ashe Begins on PornHub As Overwatch Related Searches Double

At this point honestly, you can actually measure cultural change through what’s popular on Pornhub. By the looks of things, November’s gonna be the month of wild west porn. What with the spike in Wild West porn having already been caused by Red Dead Redemption 2. Blizzard just had to release a sexy cowgirl character to fan the flames, as within just 2 days of release. Ashe already has porn, and the searches for it as well as Overwatch porn itself doubles in the span of 2 days.

Before you unzip your pants, get to know who Ashe even is. Also, note that she has a giant bodyguard who…wait. Is there porn on Bob as well? There has to be right I mean look at the guy! It probably coincides with the Ashe porn if you catch my drift.

But right, back to the topic at hand. Between the dates of November 2nd and 4th, basically two days. Pornhub searches on “Ashe” went up by 1233% over average, while Overwatch itself also had a bump of 167% in its own porn searches. That is a LOT of excitable people dropping their pants in their basements behind screens.

Overwatch is honestly really a successful game. It’s made it in a lot of departments. The multiplayer, the MOBA category, FPS category and all of its Esports coverage. And now, of course, the porn, since Overwatch actually has been one of the most mainstream games to be sexualized in both 2D art and SFM form.

This research is all from a reliable source that ISN’T me, okay? I swear. You’ll be surprised by how dedicated some people are. There was NSFW stuff on Ashe literally hours after her debut. That has to be a record.

Anyways, hopefully, she can change the meta of the game itself besides the change she caused in Porn searching. Of course massive respect to anyone still going strong for No Nut November. And a big F for respect to any fallen brothers or sisters, if the raunchy cowgirl got you.