Fallout 76 Beta Patch Is Huge But Little More Than Bug Fixes

Fallout 76 Beta is around the corner. This is your chance to check out the game before it officially releases. An interesting thing to keep in mind if you are looking forward to playing Fallout 76 Beta is that the patch is 30 GB. The beta is going to start soon and won’t last too long so you need fast internet in order to download all that data

The big concern here is that even though the patch is pretty huge, it has nothing much to offer other than minor bug fixes. An example is that the menu is now locked to 60 FPS rather than 1000. Other Fallout 76 Beta bug fixes are as follows:

  • Login [PC]: Fixed an issue that could prevent players from logging into Fallout 76 on PC.
  • Resolution [PC]: Adjusting Windows Display Scaling settings no longer causes the game to launch in lower or higher resolutions than expected.
  • Map: Map markers no longer disappear when attempting to respawn after dying while overencumbered and possessing no Caps.
  • Settings [PC]: The Lighting Quality setting can now correctly be changed to High.
  • Social: Players will no longer encounter a “Failed to reconnect to team.” error message at the Main Menu screen.
  • Social: Fixed an issue that could prevent players from seeing one another in the Social Menu after adding each other as friends.
  • Trading: Attempting to trade with a player who is entering Power Armor no longer causes the game client to become unresponsive.

Fans are concerned that there are plenty of things wrong with the game. Most importantly, the game is open to hacking. Bethesda has acknowledged that this issue does exist and is working on fixing it. It will be interesting to see how Bethesda is going to fix these issues and address these concerns.

For more information regarding the upcoming game, stay tuned.