Top 10 Wonderkids in Football Manager 2019 You Should Definitely Get

Football is always a sport of teamwork and collaboration between the players but that doesn’t mean some stand out among the rest. These special talented players or wonderkids can be relied upon even when the whole team won’t exactly follow your game plan. They have what it takes to adapt to whatever situation they face, no matter how much on a short notice that might be. Here’s a look at the Top 10 Wonderkids in Football Manager 2019.

Top 10 Wonderkids in Football Manager 2019

Wonderkids refer to that player who are not older than 20 years old and yet still demonstrate exceptional qualities within their position of play on the pitch.

For them to be included in this category, they need to have a minimum attribute of 81 and over and have the least PA of 150.

These Wonderkids show the most capable of evolving over-time and become the rising stars and potential legends of the game. Based on the above criteria, we highlight top 10 Wonderkids, one from each of the ten positions:

  • Goalkeeper
  • Centre Back
  • Left Full-Back
  • Right Full-Back
  • Defensive Midfielder
  • Central Midfielder
  • Left Winger
  • Right Winger
  • Central Attacker
  • Striker

Goalkeeper – Ginaluigi Donnarumma
Boosting an overall rating of 84, Ginaluigi Donnarumma of AC Milan is doing wonders at the age of 19. The Italian’s aerial reach, jumping reach and agility balance really set him apart from the other keepers.

Furthermore, he has an incredible 17 rating for the reflex attribute.

Center Back – Matthijs de Ligt
The 18-year-old Dutchman is an essential part of the Ajax team. Apart from his overall 84 rating, he has a lot to show for including some good ratings: 16 determination, 15 heading, 15 passing and 14 tackling.

Left Full Back – Josh Tymon
Playing in Stoke City at the age of 19, Josh Tymon has a lot of potential playing in the most competitive league on earth, EPL.

For his age and position of play, the 82 overall rating is decent enough along with other qualities like 17 determination, 15 bravery.

Right Full Back – Trent Alexander Arnold
The Liverpool RB, Trent Alexander boasts an exceptional rating of 85 at only 19 years of age.

Moreover, his physical, mental and technical game is strong with all attributes lying at 10 or more with the exception of long throws that sits at 8. Furthermore, thanks to his wide range of attributes, he can adapt to a midfield position as well.

Defensive Midfielder – Sandro Tonali
The 18-year old Italian plays in Brescia football club and with an overall 83, he’s a must buy especially considering his monetary value which lies at a very affordable 1.2 M price tag.

Sandro shows quite a lot of promise in his Mental attributes, an area where defensive midfielders need to be strong. His passing ability of 15 is also another bonus.

Central Midfielder – Sergio Gomez
Playing for Borussia Dortmund in Bundesliga, the 17-year old and 86-rated Spanish CM has a good technical and mental game e.g. his first touch is 16 and technique is rated at 17.

Moreover, he also boasts a rating of 16 in flair and vision so he’s always creating opportunities for attacking.

Left Wing – Rodrygo Goes
The 17-year old Brazilian currently plays for his home club Santos but soon he’ll move to European giant, Real Madrid.

His overall attribute is astounding at 87. Judging by his price tag that is only 1.8 M and thanks to his 14 Dribbling and 15 Finishing, he can even play as a Striker.

Right Wing – Kylian Mbappe
The French World Cup winner is already doing wonders at his club, PSG. Hailed by most as the next big star to join the likes of Messi and Ronaldo, the 19-year old has an exceptional rating of 89.

He’s also one of the quickest right-wingers with 19 acceleration, 20 pace and 16 agility. However, the catch is that he’s rightfully valued for his talents, carrying a hefty price tag of 66 M.

Central Attacking Midfielder – Joao Felix
Playing for Benfica, the Portuguese 18-year-old CAM has an incredible rating of 87 and a low enough price tag, only 1.2 M. He has all the abilities you could ask from a CAM including 15 passing, 15 vision, and 16 technique.

Striker – Fabio Silva
The youngest player on our list at only 15, Porto’s striker has an exceptional 87 rating for a meager 0.01 M value.

The Portuguese can develop a lot over the years but currently holds some impressive attributes like 12 pacing, 12 acceleration, 12 finishing, 12 dribbling, and 13 composure. He definitely has a bright future ahead of him.