Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Bar Duplication Guide

Living poorly in the harsh and tough conditions of the Wild West? Well, you’ve got nothing to worry about because unlike in real life, you can duplicate gold bars for infinite money in Red Dead Redemption 2. Here’s how:

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Bar Duplication

Unlike how you could duplicate gold once in Braithwaite Manor, you can do it an infinite number of times in Limpany.

Therefore, this is where you need to head to Limpany along Dakota River, where you need to access the sheriff’s office. Here, under his desk, you’ll find a small lockbox.

Avoid picking up the Horse Stamina Recipe Pamphlet and instead, go straight for the gold. While you’re interacting with it, immediately pause the game and select the “Save” option.

Don’t go back into the game yet. Load your game from this save file that you just created. Now you’ll spawn somewhere near Limpany.

Return to sheriff’s office and now when you interact with the lockbox, you’ll be able to pick up a maximum of 30 Gold Bars. Trade them back at a Fence which you can find in Saint Denis and Emerald Ranch among other places.

This will earn you $15,000 in cash. You can repeat the procedure again by opening up the lockbox, saving the game, loading, and then interacting with the gold, to farm as much cash as you can.

Do note that since this appears to be a glitch, there’s no doubt Rockstar Games will be soon rolling out a patch update to get rid of this cheat. In the meantime, do what you can, cowboy style.

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