Don’t Expect Fable 4 News For A Long Time From PlayGround Games

Microsoft recently acquired multiple game development studios. Such as Ninja Theory, who is best known for Hellblade. Another studio the company acquired is Playground games, known for the Forza series mainly, was partnered by Microsoft with another studio during the merger. The project the newly fused teams are working on is unknown to the world, hence why these rumors of a new Fable arose. Sadly, however, Playground games confirmed that this isn’t the case as of yet.

And that any update on the development of Fable 4 shouldn’t be expected for a long time.

With X018 being as close as it is, the fans expect multiple announcements of upcoming titles as well as previews of their gameplay. Two factors led to the initial conclusion of a possible Fable 4.

One was how Microsoft canceled Fable legends. Implying that they had a better project for the franchise that they were working on. Another important hint was of Playground games supposedly working on an action RPG with a partnered company. In a statement to Full Throttle media Playground said:

“The second studio is growing. It is I think reveling in the fact no one knows who they are. No one is looking at what they’re doing. They’re just bonding as a team and they’re doing some great stuff already, but it’ll be a long time before we talk about what they’re doing. I think they’re enjoying that ability at the moment.”

The game that Playground and its new team are working on might be the next Fable. But we won’t find out at X018, or any other sources for a long time.

In the wake of this, however, there’s still plenty to look forward to at the massive Xbox festival. Including not only trailers but in some cases full-fledged previews and demos of games such as the Division 2 and Crackdown 3. 

Hopefully we also get more information and insight on games like Halo infinite as well. All will be revealed at X018 on the 10th of November from Mexico. As well as a live stream for the rest of the world.