Official Website Leaks Nintendo Switch’s YouTube App

Entertainment is at the heart of everything these days. Pretty much every entertainment device, especially if it’s mobile. must have YouTube. But unfortunately, Nintendo Switch has been missing this essential app since launch. Its rivals have enjoyed the benefits of YouTube for years. Fans were wondering when YouTube will hit Nintendo Switch and it seems it is coming sooner than later.

According to a new report, Switch is getting YouTube next week. Users of the system will finally be able to watch those cat videos on YouTube through the Switch.  The rumor/report originates from a French Twitter page called NintendoHome.

The Twitter page shared an image of a YouTube app button that was spotted in the recommended apps section on Nintendo’s webpage. A rough translation of the Tweet reads: “Rumor – the YouTube app is expected to arrive shortly on Nintendo Switch, more precisely on 8 November if we believe the Nintendo America website.”

There is no additional evidence to support this news and surely, images can be faked. There haven’t been any announcements from Nintendo at the time of this writing but if this image holds any merit, we may see the YouTube app on Switch soon.

We should hear something from the company in the coming days if they plan to introduce YouTube to Switch. It is about time the company tries to catch up to rivals Microsoft and Sony. There are still so many other apps missing from Switch beside YouTube. Nintendo allowing users to use Switch as a mobile entertainment device would bode well.