Nintendo Fans Protest for Waluigi In Super Smash Bros Roster

Despite several leaks and sneak peeks at the Smash Bros Ultimate roster, Waluigi is still nowhere to be found. That just won’t do! Has Nintendo still not understood how much the fans want this legendary tennis player in the game already? I mean we got Wario to fight Mario, but no Waluigi to fight Luigi? Come on! They even included Isabelle from Animal Crossing

Fans have voiced themselves on the matter as well so I’m definitely not the only one desperate. In fact, besides just taking to social media, a small coup cosplayed at a PAX event in protest to stand behind our purple meme boy.

You see? We stand by what we said, not only vocally but also physically. Let Waluigi smash! I mean you’ve put underdogs like Rosalina and King Kool but not the sidekick to Mario’s clone? What the hell Nintendo! And no, you can’t weasel your way out of this mess with the classic “but he’s an assist trophy!” because please. We’d rather have him as a full fledged, playable member of the roster than just a temporary, disposable trophy. Plus we’ve done enough fan-service to the boys with including Zelda and Samus. Let’s give the lady Smash players something to enjoy. You think they want Snake or Link? No! It’s Waluigi they want.

Sure, the current roster does include every character that’s been in the past titles. As well as some confirmed new entries as well. But if we don’t see Waluigi in these leaks and teasers. He’s either the super important secret reveal Nintendo wants under wraps, or he’s been unfairly excluded.

And yeah, the character line-up for the upcominng Smash definitely makes you go “wow” but it doesn’t make you go “Wah”. And that’s what we want to be saying. So repeat after me guys, Waluigi for Smash Ultimate! Which releases for the Nintendo Switch on December 7th.