Red Dead Redemption 2 Won’t Allow You to Name Your Horse Nintendo

Say it ain’t so! Red Dead Redemption 2 includes Nintendo among its list of censored words that players aren’t allowed to attach to their horses. Now while such a filter does make sense for words that would disturb the political correctness culture, like racial or homophobic slurs. Why does the same have to apply to words like PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo? My guess is to avoid unnecessary legal ramifications and copyright issues as such.

A list of the names you can’t attach to your horse are stated here. If you’d rather not visit the link, here’s an image of the confirmed list. Language warning beforehand, guys:

You can't name your horse

Honestly, who in the blue hell would want to name their horse pedophile though? I mean just imagine that story in Western folklore. “And so, Arthur Morgan, legendary outlaw and seasoned gunslinger. Rode into town one fateful day on his loyal steed, pedophile”.

I mean come on, guys. As for the consoles, we’re hoping to maybe hear an update from Rockstar so stay tuned. I don’t think your horse would even appreciate a name you haven’t put much effort into. And these bad boys can be aggressive.

So you can’t name your horse the n-word. Boohoo guys. I mean it was either miss out on that name, or have it. And then be flooded with outrage from the PC community. I’d rather game in peace, thank you very much. As for Nintendo, that does sound like a cool name for a horse, so big loss on that. It can be substituted though, how about Epona?

The protagonist’s horse from Legend of Zelda, a huge Nintendo title. And before we even get down to naming your horse, how about you learn everything else about them first? Here’s a guide.